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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Not yet," he said, "I'm very busy just now."
2.  "It must have been Jessica," said Mrs. Hurstwood, not wishing toseem to attach any importance to the incident.
3.  By January he had about concluded that the game was up with him.Life had always seemed a precious thing, but now constant wantand weakened vitality had made the charms of earth rather dulland inconspicuous. Several times, when fortune pressed mostharshly, he thought he would end his troubles; but with a changeof weather, or the arrival of a quarter or a dime, his mood wouldchange, and he would wait. Each day he would find some old paperlying about and look into it, to see if there was any trace ofCarrie, but all summer and fall he had looked in vain. Then henoticed that his eyes were beginning to hurt him, and thisailment rapidly increased until, in the dark chambers of thelodgings he frequented, he did not attempt to read. Bad andirregular eating was weakening every function of his body. Theone recourse left him was to doze when a place offered and hecould get the money to occupy it.
4.  Drouet turned to the subject of the clothes she was going to buy.
5.  "The man hasn't brought my coal, either," said Carrie, whoordered by the bushel.
6.  It went this way on every occasion. Drouet did not leave hermuch alone. She had time for some lone wanderings, but mostly hefilled her hours with sight-seeing. At Carson, Pirie's he boughther a nice skirt and shirt waist. With his money she purchasedthe little necessaries of toilet, until at last she looked quiteanother maiden. The mirror convinced her of a few things whichshe had long believed. She was pretty, yes, indeed! How niceher hat set, and weren't her eyes pretty. She caught her littlered lip with her teeth and felt her first thrill of power.Drouet was so good.


1.  "Do," said Hurstwood.
2.  Carrie merely hastened her steps and took the Sixth Avenue car.Her head was so full of the wonder of it that she had time fornothing else.
3.  Nevertheless, his rousing availed him nothing.
4.  "Is it?" said Carrie.
5.  "Now," he said, addressing first Carrie and then Drouet with hiseyes, "you must be ready at 7.30. I'll come and get you."
6.  Now that his money was so low, he began to observe his clothesand feel that even his best ones were beginning to lookcommonplace. This was a bitter thought.


1.  "Will you?" he urged.
2.  This lack of pride and interest made Carrie almost hate him.
3.  He took the part home to Carrie and handed it to her with themanner of one who does a favour.
4.  "Look at that man over there," laughed Lola, who had caught sightof some one falling down. "How sheepish men look when they fall,don't they?"
5.   Each day thereafter brought its cares. She found it was not sucha wonderful thing to be in the chorus, and she also learned thather salary would be twelve dollars a week. After a few days shehad her first sight of those high and mighties--the leadingladies and gentlemen. She saw that they were privileged anddeferred to. She was nothing--absolutely nothing at all.
6.  In contrast, Hurstwood appeared strong and sincere. He had noeasy manner of putting her off. He sympathised with her andshowed her what her true value was. He needed her, while Drouetdid not care.


1.  "Do you like it?"
2.  Downstairs things were stirring again.
3.  "Well, now, I'll tell you what we are trying to do," went on Mr.Quincel. "We are trying to get a new set of furniture for thelodge. There isn't enough money in the treasury at the presenttime, and we thought we would raise it by a littleentertainment."
4、  "Yes. You mustn't look so mad, though."
5、  "Yes, what makes you ask?"




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      Hurstwood had returned, and was already in bed. His clothes werescattered loosely about. Carrie came to the door and saw him,then retreated. She did not want to go in yet a while. Shewanted to think. It was disagreeable to her.

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      "Why don't we get married?" she inquired, thinking of the volublepromises he had made.

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       The rooms which Mr. Withers displayed to Carrie and Lola werethree and bath--a suite on the parlour floor. They were done inchocolate and dark red, with rugs and hangings to match. Threewindows looked down into busy Broadway on the east, three into aside street which crossed there. There were two lovely bedrooms,set with brass and white enamel beds, white ribbon-trimmed chairsand chiffoniers to match. In the third room, or parlour, was apiano, a heavy piano lamp, with a shade of gorgeous pattern, alibrary table, several huge easy rockers, some dado book shelves,and a gilt curio case, filled with oddities. Pictures were uponthe walls, soft Turkish pillows upon the divan footstools ofbrown plush upon the floor. Such accommodations would ordinarilycost a hundred dollars a week.

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      Her need of clothes--to say nothing of her desire for ornaments--grew rapidly as the fact developed that for all her work she wasnot to have them. The sympathy she felt for Hurstwood, at thetime he asked her to tide him over, vanished with these newerurgings of decency. He was not always renewing his request, butthis love of good appearance was. It insisted, and Carrie wishedto satisfy it, wished more and more that Hurstwood was not in theway.

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    {  "Well, to-morrow then. I'm living at the Chelsea now."

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      Carrie received this Tuesday morning when she called at the WestSide branch of the post-office, and answered at once.}

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      "We can get along," added Lola. "I always have."

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      "You seem to have taken the town by storm," he wrote. "This isdelightful. I am as glad for your sake as for my own."

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       "When do you leave?" said Hurstwood to Drouet.

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    {  "Let's go at once and walk down Broadway from Thirty-fourthStreet," said Mrs. Vance. "It's such an interesting walk. He'sat the Madison Square."

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      "No," he answered.