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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  The guests were still at table, and the heated and energeticconversation that prevailed betrayed the violent andvindictive passions that then agitated each dweller of theSouth, where unhappily, for five centuries religious strifehad long given increased bitterness to the violence of partyfeeling.
2.  "Oh," repeated the young girl, almost bewildered, "can I notleave the house? -- can I not escape?"
3.  "Stop!" said Louise, going to listen at Madame Danglars'door.
4.  "Worse than that, she was faithless, and had married one ofthe persecutors of her betrothed. You see, then, Morrel,that he was a more unhappy lover than you."
5.  "Well, would you believe it? directly my father caught thesound of your name he turned round quite hastily, and, likea poor silly thing, I was so persuaded that every one mustbe as much affected as myself by the utterance of your name,that I was not surprised to see my father start, and almosttremble; but I even thought (though that surely must havebeen a mistake) that M. Danglars trembled too."
6.  "No, not I," replied Franz, "but our neighbor, the Count ofMonte Cristo."


1.  "Twenty-five thousand francs a bottle."
2.  "I fear I shall not have that honor."
3.  The baron, followed by the count, traversed a long series ofapartments, in which the prevailing characteristics wereheavy magnificence and the gaudiness of ostentatious wealth,until he reached the boudoir of Madame Danglars -- a smalloctagonal-shaped room, hung with pink satin, covered withwhite Indian muslin. The chairs were of ancient workmanshipand materials; over the doors were painted sketches ofshepherds and shepherdesses, after the style and manner ofBoucher; and at each side pretty medallions in crayons,harmonizing well with the furnishings of this charmingapartment, the only one throughout the great mansion inwhich any distinctive taste prevailed. The truth was, it hadbeen entirely overlooked in the plan arranged and followedout by M. Danglars and his architect, who had been selectedto aid the baron in the great work of improvement solelybecause he was the most fashionable and celebrated decoratorof the day. The decorations of the boudoir had then beenleft entirely to Madame Danglars and Lucien Debray. M.Danglars, however, while possessing a great admiration forthe antique, as it was understood during the time of theDirectory, entertained the most sovereign contempt for thesimple elegance of his wife's favorite sitting-room, where,by the way, he was never permitted to intrude, unless,indeed, he excused his own appearance by ushering in somemore agreeable visitor than himself; and even then he hadrather the air and manner of a person who was himselfintroduced, than that of being the presenter of another, hisreception being cordial or frigid, in proportion as theperson who accompanied him chanced to please or displeasethe baroness.
4.  "Ah, is it you, baron?" said he.
5.  "`Have you any idea what became of them?' -- `Yes, sir; Iheard they had fallen victims to their sorrow, and, perhaps,to their poverty. I was not rich; my life was in constantdanger; I could not seek them, to my great regret.' Thepresident frowned imperceptibly. `Gentlemen,' said he, `youhave heard the Comte de Morcerf's defence. Can you, sir,produce any witnesses to the truth of what you haveasserted?' -- `Alas, no, monsieur,' replied the count; `allthose who surrounded the vizier, or who knew me at hiscourt, are either dead or gone away, I know not where. Ibelieve that I alone, of all my countrymen, survived thatdreadful war. I have only the letters of Ali Tepelini, whichI have placed before you; the ring, a token of hisgood-will, which is here; and, lastly, the most convincingproof I can offer, after an anonymous attack, and that isthe absence of any witness against my veracity and thepurity of my military life.' A murmur of approbation ranthrough the assembly; and at this moment, Albert, hadnothing more transpired, your father's cause had beengained. It only remained to put it to the vote, when thepresident resumed: `Gentlemen and you, monsieur, -- you willnot be displeased, I presume, to listen to one who callshimself a very important witness, and who has just presentedhimself. He is, doubtless, come to prove the perfectinnocence of our colleague. Here is a letter I have justreceived on the subject; shall it be read, or shall it bepassed over? and shall we take no notice of this incident?'M. de Morcerf turned pale, and clinched his hands on thepapers he held. The committee decided to hear the letter;the count was thoughtful and silent. The president read: --
6.  "We are getting to the story now?"


1.  "What rival?"
2.  "I am ready," said Maximilian; "I came expressly to wishthem farewell."
3.  "Oh, I recollect him perfectly," cried M. de Boville; "hewas crazy."
4.  "Worthy Caderousse!" said the old man, "he is so muchattached to us."
5.   "I do."
6.  "Precisely so," replied Gaetano. "Ah, he is one who fearsneither God nor Satan, they say, and would at any time runfifty leagues out of his course to do a poor devil aservice."


1.  "The second was the crime of which you were accused when youasked for a confessor, and the Abbe Busoni came to visit youat your request in the prison at Nimes."
2.  "Ah, very good."
3.  "I think I can assist your researches," said Maximilian."Monte Cristo is a little island I have often heard spokenof by the old sailors my father employed -- a grain of sandin the centre of the Mediterranean, an atom in theinfinite."
4、  "Mr. Inspector," continued the governor, "I can tell you thestory as well as he, for it has been dinned in my ears forthe last four or five years."
5、  "But you, Mademoiselle de Villefort, -- you, who arenecessary to M. Noirtier's happiness" --




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      "No, my life has been passed in frivolity; I wish to forgetit myself."

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      "Upon my word," said Caderousse, from whose mind thefriendly treatment of Dantes, united with the effect of the

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       "Oh, yes; do you pretend that all this has been unobservedat the minister's?" said Beauchamp, placing his eye-glass inhis eye, where he tried to make it remain.

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    {  "He seems to have a mania for diamonds," said Morcerf,smiling, "and I verily believe that, like Potemkin, he keepshis pockets filled, for the sake of strewing them along theroad, as Tom Thumb did his flint stones."

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      "What then?"}

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      "Very true," said Monte Cristo; "it is unnecessary, we knoweach other so well!"

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      "Help! help!" cried the abbe, "I -- I -- die -- I" --

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       "Needless delays but increase the grief of parting," saidMonte Cristo, "and Maximilian has doubtless provided himselfwith everything requisite; at least, I advised him to doso."

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    {  "Does your excellency wish for a receipt?" said the major,at the same time slipping the money into the inner pocket ofhis coat.

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      "Doubtless, but not in the same way; every one has not blackslaves, a princely retinue, an arsenal of weapons that woulddo credit to an Arabian fortress, horses that cost sixthousand francs apiece, and Greek mistresses."