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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  In walking a few blocks to fix upon some probable place, sheagain encountered the firm of Storm and King, and this timemanaged to get in. Some gentlemen were conferring close at hand,but took no notice of her. She was left standing, gazingnervously upon the floor. When the limit of her distress hadbeen nearly reached, she was beckoned to by a man at one of themany desks within the near-by railing.
2.  "I don't care," thought Carrie. "He ought to be told to get outand do something. It isn't right that I should support him."
3.  "Do you know how to stitch caps?" he returned.
4.  "Oh, dear," said Carrie, with whom the sufferings of FatherGoriot were still keen. "That's all you think of. Aren't yousorry for the people who haven't anything to-night?"
5.  It was thrown so straight in her direction that she knew who wasmeant, but never turned to look.
6.  He was so interested in forwarding all good causes that hesometimes became enthusiastic, giving vent to these preachments.Something in Carrie appealed to him. He wanted to stir her up.


1.  Through all this thoughts of Carrie flashed upon him, and theapproaching affair of Saturday. Tangled as all his matters were,he did not worry over that. It was the one pleasing thing inthis whole rout of trouble. He could arrange thatsatisfactorily, for Carrie would be glad to wait, if necessary.He would see how things turned out to-morrow, and then he wouldtalk to her. They were going to meet as usual. He saw only herpretty face and neat figure and wondered why life was notarranged so that such joy as he found with her could be steadilymaintained. How much more pleasant it would be. Then he wouldtake up his wife's threat again, and the wrinkles and moisturewould return.
2.  As the morning wore on the room became hotter. She felt the needof a breath of fresh air and a drink of water, but did notventure to stir. The stool she sat on was without a back orfoot-rest, and she began to feel uncomfortable. She found, aftera time, that her back was beginning to ache. She twisted andturned from one position to another slightly different, but itdid not ease her for long. She was beginning to weary.
3.  He looked so disconsolate that it scared her. She began to seethat she herself had been drifting. She had felt it all thetime.
4.  "Very. Really one of the best private theatricals I everattended. There was one actress who surprised us all."
5.  She was opening her purse, and now pulled out all the bills init--a five and two twos.
6.  As she dressed with a flutter, in her little stage room, hearingthe voices outside, seeing Mr. Quincel hurrying here and there,noting Mrs. Morgan and Mrs. Hoagland at their nervous work ofpreparation, seeing all the twenty members of the cast movingabout and worrying over what the result would be, she could nothelp thinking what a delight this would be if it would endure;how perfect a state, if she could only do well now, and then sometime get a place as a real actress. The thought had taken amighty hold upon her. It hummed in her ears as the melody of anold song.


1.  Slowly, exceedingly slowly, his desire to greet, conciliate, andmake at home these people who visited the Warren Street placepassed from him. More and more slowly the significance of therealm he had left began to be clear. It did not seem sowonderful to be in it when he was in it. It had seemed very easyfor any one to get up there and have ample raiment and money tospend, but now that he was out of it, how far off it became. Hebegan to see as one sees a city with a wall about it. Men wereposted at the gates. You could not get in. Those inside did notcare to come out to see who you were. They were so merry insidethere that all those outside were forgotten, and he was on theoutside.
2.  Presently Mr. Brown came up. He did not seem to recosnise her.
3.  "I don't know," she answered, pleased, nevertheless, beyond allconcealment.
4.  "Oh, I've promised Mrs. Hale to go with her to the Exposition to-night," she returned, apologetically.
5.   "Well, I guess we're ready now. The coach is outside."
6.  He placed himself at the head and called out "Forward." Hurstwoodmoved with the line. Across Fifth Avenue, through Madison Squareby the winding paths, east on Twenty-third Street, and down ThirdAvenue wound the long, serpentine company. Midnight pedestriansand loiterers stopped and stared as the company passed. Chattingpolicemen, at various corners, stared indifferently or nodded tothe leader, whom they had seen before. On Third Avenue theymarched, a seemingly weary way, to Eighth Street, where there wasa lodginghouse, closed, apparently, for the night. They wereexpected, however.


1.  "Well, wait until after the show. Wait until to-morrow. We'llsee what we can do."
2.  He moved away, forgetting almost all about it the moment Mr.Quincel had ceased talking. He had not even thought to ask thetime or place.
3.  "Now, I really don't know," he said kindly. "What kind of workis it you want--you're not a typewriter, are you?"
4、  "I had a job in Newark until last October," returned the other,with reciprocal feeling.
5、  "Yes," he said indifferently.




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      "Ha, ha," he exclaimed softly, as if to himself, "that's funny."

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      She went over the tangle again and again. Here, in the morning,Drouet would expect to see her in a new jacket, and that couldn'tbe. The Hansons expected her to go home, and she wanted to getaway, and yet she did not want to go home. In the light of theway they would look on her getting money without work, the takingof it now seemed dreadful. She began to be ashamed. The wholesituation depressed her. It was all so clear when she was withDrouet. Now it was all so tangled, so hopeless--much worse thanit was before, because she had the semblance of aid in her handwhich she could not use.

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       "I meant that," he said.

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      Now the crier called the train ready and they got on. Hurstwoodbreathed a sigh of relief as it started. There was a short runto the river, and there they were ferried over. They had barelypulled the train off the ferry-boat when he settled back with asigh.

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    {  He walked homeward in a blinding snowstorm, reaching the ferry bydusk. The cabins were filled with comfortable souls, who studiedhim curiously. His head was still in such a whirl that he feltconfused. All the wonder of the twinkling lights of the river ina white storm passed for nothing. He trudged doggedly on untilhe reached the flat. There he entered and found the room warm.Carrie was gone. A couple of evening papers were lying on thetable where she left them. He lit the gas and sat down. Then hegot up and stripped to examine his shoulder. It was a merescratch. He washed his hands and face, still in a brown study,apparently, and combed his hair. Then he looked for something toeat, and finally, his hunger gone, sat down in his comfortablerocking-chair. It was a wonderful relief.

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      Carrie flushed a little.}

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      On the morrow Carrie reported promptly and was given a place inthe line. She saw a large, empty, shadowy play-house, stillredolent of the perfumes and blazonry of the night, and notablefor its rich, oriental appearance. The wonder of it awed anddelighted her. Blessed be its wondrous reality. How hard shewould try to be worthy of it. It was above the common mass,above idleness, above want, above insignificance. People came toit in finery and carriages to see. It was ever a centre of lightand mirth. And here she was of it. Oh, if she could onlyremain, how happy would be her days!

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      "I would have to give up my position," he said.

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       "Who is that woman?" asked the director, watching Carrie in herlittle scene with Bamberger.

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    {  "Is it in Chicago?" she asked nervously. They were now farbeyond the city limits, and the train was scudding across theIndiana line at a great rate.

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      After a while, Hurstwood said: