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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Yes, sir," said Carrie, who had long since learned this art.
2.  Now a critic called to get up one of those tinsel interviewswhich shine with clever observations, show up the wit of critics,display the folly of celebrities, and divert the public. Heliked Carrie, and said so, publicly--adding, however, that shewas merely pretty, good-natured, and lucky. This cut like aknife. The "Herald," getting up an entertainment for the benefitof its free ice fund, did her the honour to beg her to appearalong with celebrities for nothing. She was visited by a youngauthor, who had a play which he thought she could produce. Alas,she could not judge. It hurt her to think it. Then she foundshe must put her money in the bank for safety, and so moving,finally reached the place where it struck her that the door tolife's perfect enjoyment was not open.
3.  "She needn't see me," he answered, sullenly.
4.  "Well, she ought to know better than to want to go out alone."
5.  "I know," she said, absently, feeling slightly guilty of neglect.
6.  "Will you?" he urged.


1.  Hurstwood wrote her one morning, asking her to meet him inJefferson Park, Monroe Street. He did not consider it policy tocall any more, even when Drouet was at home.
2.  WANTED.--50 skilled motormen, accustomed to Westinghouse system,to run U.S. mail cars only, in the City of Brooklyn; protectionguaranteed.
3.  "Certainly," replied Carrie.
4.  "You think," he said, "I am happy; that I ought not to complain?If you were to meet all day with people who care absolutelynothing about you, if you went day after day to a place wherethere was nothing but show and indifference, if there was not oneperson in all those you knew to whom you could appeal forsympathy or talk to with pleasure, perhaps you would be unhappytoo.
5.  "My future must be assured if I can always get work this way,"thought Carrie.
6.  Only the play produced an ironical situation, and this was due toDrouet alone.


1.  "If you do as well in the rest of the play, you will make us allthink you are a born actress."
2.  "Well, are you talking?"
3.  For another period this state continued, the twain leading arather monotonous life, and then there was a slight change forthe worse. One evening, Hurstwood, after thinking about a way tomodify Carrie's desire for clothes and the general strain uponhis ability to provide, said:
4.  "I gave it to her."
5.   One of the galling incidents of this visit was that he came backon a Randolph Street car, and without noticing arrived almostopposite the building of the concern with which his son wasconnected. This sent a pang through his heart. He had called onhis boy there several times. Now the lad had not sent him aword. His absence did not seem to be noticed by either of hischildren. Well, well, fortune plays a man queer tricks. He gotback to his office and joined in a conversation with friends. Itwas as if idle chatter deadened the sense of misery.
6.  "If you do, maybe I can help you. I've got a lot of friends inthat line."


1.  Everything he discovered in his line advertised as anopportunity, was either too expensive or too wretched for him.Besides, winter was coming, the papers were announcing hardships,and there was a general feeling of hard times in the air, or, atleast, he thought so. In his worry, other people's worriesbecame apparent. No item about a firm failing, a familystarving, or a man dying upon the streets, supposedly ofstarvation, but arrested his eye as he scanned the morningpapers. Once the "World" came out with a flaring announcementabout "80,000 people out of employment in New York this winter,"which struck as a knife at his heart.
2.  The aroused manager whistled merrily for a good four miles to hisoffice an old melody that he had not recalled for fifteen years.
3.  "How long are you in town this time?" inquired Hurstwood.
4、  Down in a third-rate Bleecker Street hotel, the broodingHurstwood read the dramatic item covering Carrie's success,without at first realising who was meant. Then suddenly it cameto him and he read the whole thing over again.
5、  "I couldn't get home last evening," she said.




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      "What can I do for you, miss?" he inquired, surveying hercuriously.

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      She unloosed her hair after a time, and let it hang in loosebrown waves. Her mind was going over the events of the evening.

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       Carrie was an apt student of fortune's ways--of fortune'ssuperficialities. Seeing a thing, she would immediately set toinquiring how she would look, properly related to it. Be itknown that this is not fine feeling, it is not wisdom. Thegreatest minds are not so afflicted; and on the contrary, thelowest order of mind is not so disturbed. Fine clothes to herwere a vast persuasion; they spoke tenderly and Jesuitically forthemselves. When she came within earshot of their pleading,desire in her bent a willing ear. The voice of the so-calledinanimate! Who shall translate for us the language of thestones?

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      "She's not so inexperienced as she looks," he thought, andthereafter his respect and ardour were increased.

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    {  What sort of an actress was she?

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      They were married by a Baptist minister, the first divine theyfound convenient.}

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      They decided to move Friday, which was two days away. Now thatthe thing was settled, Carrie's heart misgave her. She felt verymuch like a criminal in the matter. Each day looking atHurstwood, she had realised that, along with the disagreeablenessof his attitude, there was something pathetic.

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      Drouet paused for a moment and thought.

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       His wife had really not anticipated a row of this character. Shehad come down to the breakfast table feeling a little out ofsorts with herself and revolving a scheme which she had in hermind. Jessica had called her attention to the fact that theraces were not what they were supposed to be. The socialopportunities were not what they had thought they would be thisyear. The beautiful girl found going every day a dull thing.There was an earlier exodus this year of people who were anybodyto the watering places and Europe. In her own circle ofacquaintances several young men in whom she was interested hadgone to Waukesha. She began to feel that she would like to gotoo, and her mother agreed with her.

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    {  Carrie felt the train to be slowing down. It was the moment toact if she was to act at all. She stirred uneasily.

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      So severe a defeat told sadly upon her nerves. Her feet carriedher mechanically forward, every foot of her progress being asatisfactory portion of a flight which she gladly made. Blockafter block passed by. Upon streetlamps at the various cornersshe read names such as Madison, Monroe, La Salle, Clark,Dearborn, State, and still she went, her feet beginning to tireupon the broad stone flagging. She was pleased in part that thestreets were bright and clean. The morning sun, shining downwith steadily increasing warmth, made the shady side of thestreets pleasantly cool. She looked at the blue sky overhead withmore realisation of its charm than had ever come to her before.