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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "We know where to lay our hands on this gentleman if he iswanted," said the sergeant majestically, "but you'll have to go, Mr.Holmes."
2.  "You took a big risk," said the inspector.
3.  On account of the bequest of the late Ezekiah Hopkins, ofLebanon, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., there is now another vacancyopen which entitles a member of the League to a salary of 4 pound aweek for purely nominal services. All red-headed men who aresound in body and mind, and above the age of twenty-one years,are eligible. Apply in person on Monday, at eleven o'clock, toDuncan Ross, at the offices of the League, 7 Pope's Court,Fleet Street.
4.  "Quite simple, my dear Watson. But let us get down to what ispractical. I must admit to you that the case, which seemed to me to beso absurdly simple as to be hardly worth my notice, is rapidlyassuming a very different aspect. It is true that though in yourmission you have missed everything of importance, yet even thosethings which have obtruded themselves upon your notice give rise toserious thought."
5.  "Well, you know, after a crime of this sort we are very careful tokeep things in their position. Nothing has been moved. Officer incharge here day and night. This morning, as the man was buried and theinvestigation over- so far as this room is concerned- we thought wecould tidy up a bit. This carpet. You see, it is not fastened down,only just laid there. We had occasion to raise it. We found-""Yes? You found-"
6.  "I am all right, but indeed, Holmes, I can hardly believe my eyes.Good heavens! to think that you- you of all men- should be standing inmy study." Again I gripped him by the sleeve, and felt the thin,sinewy arm beneath it. "Well, you're not a spirit anyhow," said I. "Mydear chap, I'm overjoyed to see you. Sit down, and tell me how youcame alive out of that dreadful chasm."


1.  "A lamb, I should say, or a kid."
2.  "Sherlock has all the energy of the family," said Mycroft, turning tome. "Well, you take the case up by all means and let me know if you doany good."
3.  The Premier nodded approvingly.
4.  "I think, Inspector," Holmes remarked, "that you would do well totelegraph for an escort, as, if my calculations prove to be correct,you may have a particularly dangerous prisoner to convey to the countyjail. The boy who takes this note could no doubt forward yourtelegram. If there is an afternoon train to town, Watson, I think weshould do well to take it, as I have a chemical analysis of someinterest to finish, and this investigation draws rapidly to a close."When the youth had been dispatched with the note, Sherlock Holmesgave his instructions to the servants. If any visitor were to callasking for Mrs. Hilton Cubitt, no information should be given as toher condition, but he was to be shown at once into the drawing-room.He impressed these points upon them with the utmost earnestness.Finally he led the way into the drawing-room, with the remark that thebusiness was now out of our hands, and that we must while away thetime as best we might until we could see what was in store for us. Thedoctor had departed to his patients, and only the inspector and myselfremained.
5.  "About ten."
6.  "That was all right. His pension was due. They have not shown anysign of being in funds."


1.  "No, certainly not."
2.  "Here we are, Watson- this must be the one." He threw it open, andas he did so there was a low, harsh murmur, growing steadily into aloud roar as a train dashed past us in the darkness. Holmes swepthis light along the window-sill. It was thickly coated with sootfrom the passing engines, but the black surface was blurred and rubbedin places.
3.  "You get a trifle beyond me there," said the inspector, shrugginghis shoulders. "It will not be an easy door to force, but we willtry if we cannot make someone hear us."
4.  "What is it, then-a fire?"
5.   "Yes, he has been here. I understand that you don't know him.... Howlong?... Only two days!... Yes, yes, of course, it is a mostcaptivating prospect. Will you be at home this evening? I suppose yournamesake will not be there?... Very good, we will come then, for Iwould rather have a chat without him.... Dr. Watson will come withme.... I understand from your note that you did not go out often....Well, we shall be round about six. You need not mention it to theAmerican lawyer.... Very good. Good-bye!"
6.  "Did you close it?"


1.  The brother scribbled a note upon a leaf of his pocket-book, and,ringing the bell, he handed it to the waiter.
2.  Holmes led us along the passage with as much certainty as if hehad lived in the house and halted at the open door of the strong-room."Pooh! What an awful smell of paint!" cried the inspector."That was our first clue," said Holmes. "You can thank Dr.Watson's observation for that, though he failed to draw the inference.It set my foot upon the trail. Why should this man at such a time befilling his house with strong odours? Obviously, to cover some othersmell which he wished to conceal- some guilty smell which wouldsuggest suspicions. then came the idea of a room such as you seehere with iron door and shutter- a hermetically sealed room. Put thosetwo facts together, and whither do they lead? I could only determinethat by examining the house myself. I was already certain that thecase was serious, for I had examined the box-office chart at theHaymarket Theatre- another of Dr. Watson's bull's-eyes- andascertained that neither B thirty nor thirty-two of the upper circlehad been occupied that night. Therefore, Amberley had not been tothe theatre, and his alibi fell to the ground. He made a bad slip whenhe allowed my astute friend to notice the number of the seat taken forhis wife. The question now arose how I might be able to examine thehouse. I sent an agent to the most impossible village I could thinkof, and summoned my man to it at such an hour that he could notpossibly get back. To prevent any miscarriage, Dr. Watsonaccompanied him. The good vicar's name I took, of course, out of myCrockford. Do I make it all clear to you?"
3.  "By George, it's marvellous!" cried Hopkins, in an ecstasy ofadmiration. "To think that I had all that evidence in my hand andnever knew it! I had intended, however, to go the round of theLondon opticians."
4、  "Who are you, then? What do you want?" he asked in a
5、  The light had suddenly gone out, the glimmering square of window haddisappeared, and the third floor formed a dark band round the loftybuilding, with its tiers of shining casements. That last warning cryhad been suddenly cut short. How, and by whom? The same thoughtoccurred on the instant to us both. Holmes sprang up from where hecrouched by the window.




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      "There is one correspondent who is a sure draw, Watson. That isthe bank. Single ladies must live, and their passbooks arecompressed diaries. She banks at Silvester's. I have glanced overher account. The last check but one paid her bill at Lausanne, butit was a large one and probably left her with cash in hand. Only onecheck has been drawn since."

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      "'Then it must be the other way that the thief took,' cried thefellow, tugging at my sleeve.

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       Our client had sat up with staring eyes and every tinge of colourstruck from his astonished face.

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      "No, sir, certainly not."

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    {  .

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      "'I care nothing for myself.'}

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      "It sounds plausible."

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      "'Mr. Hatherley?' said he, with something of a German accent. 'Youhave been recommended to me, Mr. Hatherley, as being a man who isnot only proficient in his profession but is also discreet and capableof preserving a secret.'

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       "Then I will take up no more of your time. I cannot blame you, Mr.Holmes, for having refused to speak more freely, and you on yourside will not, I am sure, think the worse of me because I desire, evenagainst his will, to share my husband's anxieties. Once more I begthat you will say nothing of my visit."

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    {  "Have seen this horrible home again. I was well aware of it. Weall have neglected opportunities to deplore. As it happens, you didnot know, so here we are!"

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      "But this danger, Holmes?"