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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  So strange a reception naturally gave Milady ample matter forreflection; so seeing that the young officer did not seem at alldisposed for conversation, she reclined in her corner of thecarriage, and one after the other passed in review all thesurmises which presented themselves to her mind.
2.  "We are then reconciled, dear Monsieur Porthos?" said she,simpering.
3.  "This D'Artagnan."
4.  The two men followed the company, and on leaving theaubourg St. Antoine, mounted two horses properly equipped,which a servant without livery had waiting for them.
5.  "Why, then, only see!" cried the novice; "we shall soon be wellacquainted, almost friends. If you know Monsieur de Treville, you musthave visited him?"
6.  "And I deny it," said Treville. "But his Majesty has judges, andthese judges will decide."


1.  This time Felton, immovable as he was, or appeared to be, couldnot resist the secret influence which had already takenpossession of him. To see this woman, so beautiful, fair as thebrightest vision, to see her by turns overcome with grief andthreatening; to resist at once the ascendancy of grief andbeauty--it was too much for a visionary; it was too much for abrain weakened by the ardent dreams of an ecstatic faith; it wastoo much for a heart furrowed by the love of heaven that burns,by the hatred of men that devours.
2.  "I will not sign this order! And why not?"
3.  "You have, perhaps, no money?"
4.  "Monseigneur," replied Athos, for amid the general fright healone had preserved the noble calmness and coolness that neverforsook him, "Monseigneur, the Musketeers, when they are not onduty, or when their duty is over, drink and play at dice, andthey are certainly superior officers to their lackeys.""Lackeys?" grumbled the cardinal. "Lackeys who have the order towarn their masters when anyone passes are not lackeys, they aresentinels."
5.  This sleep, provincial as it was, brought him to nine o'clock inthe morning; at which hour he rose, in order to repair to theresidence of M. de Treville, the third personage in the kingdompaternal estimation.
6.  "By my soul, you had made me forget all that, dear Constance!Yes, you are right; a furlough is needful."


1.  "I can well believe it," replied D'Artagnan, "and that waswhy I got three crowns for him. It must have been for hishide, for, CERTESf, the carcass is not worth eighteen livres.But bow did this horse come into your bands, Mousqueton?""Pray," said the lackey, "say nothing about it, monsieur; itis a frightful trick of the husband of our duchess!""How is that, Mousqueton?"
2.  This policy of Louis XIII made Richelieu smile.
3.  "Certainly; but if you love me as much as you say," repliedD'Artagnan, "do you not entertain a little fear on myaccount?"
4.  During the exchange of these two words Felton drew back quickly,and when Lord de Winter entered, he was several paces from theprisoner.
5.   "Ah, good, then," replied Athos, "we will teach them, these doorbreakers!"
6.  "And not more than justice, either, you ass! Could you notperceive by our appearance that we were people of quality, andnot coiners-say?"


1.  At the same instant, four men, armed to the teeth, entered byside doors, and rushed upon Athos.
2.  "All that could be required of me. Order; I am ready.""For everything?"
3.  Immediately eight swords glittered in the rays of thesetting sun, and the combat began with an animosity verynatural between men twice enemies.
4、  "Your name?" repeated the cavalier a second time, lettinghis cloak fall, and leaving his face uncovered.
5、  "Then," replied Mme. Bonacieux, opening a cupboard and takingfrom it the very bag which a half hour before her husband hadcaressed so affectionately, "take this bag."




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      "I thank you, sir," replied the prisoner, humbly.Felton made a slight bow, and directed his steps toward the door.At the moment he was about to go out, Lord de Winter appeared inthe corridor, followed by the soldier who had been sent to informhim of the swoon of Milady. He held a vial of salts in his hand."Well, what is it--what is going on here?" said he, in a jeeringvoice, on seeing the prisoner sitting up and Felton about to goout. "Is this corpse come to life already? Felton, my lad, didyou not perceive that you were taken for a novice, and that thefirst act was being performed of a comedy of which we shalldoubtless have the pleasure of following out all thedevelopments?"

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      "My Lord, By that which, since I have known you, have suffered by youand for you, I conjure you, if you have any care for my repose, tocountermand those great armaments which you are preparing againstFrance, to put an end to a war of which it is publicly said religion isthe ostensible cause, and of which, it is generally whispered, your lovefor me is the concealed cause. This war may not only bring greatcatastrophes upon England and France, but misfortune upon you, my Lord,for which I should never console myself.

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       "I wished to explain this plan to you on the day youreceived my first invitation; but you did not come.Fortunately, nothing is lost by this delay, and you are nowabout to hear it. Sit down there, before me, d'Artagnan;you are gentleman enough not to listen standing." And thecardinal pointed with his finger to a chair for the youngman, who was so astonished at what was passing that heawaited a second sign from his interlocutor before heobeyed.

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      "But yourself, monsieur," said Athos, who began to beannoyed by this inquisition, "give me, I beg you, the proofthat you have the right to question me."

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    {  D'Artagnan took possession of his command. Porthos left the service,and in the course of the following year married Mme. Coquenard; thecoffer so much coveted contained eight hundred thousand livres.Mousqueton had a magnificent livery, and enjoyed the satisfaction ofwhich he had been ambitious all his life--that of standing behind agilded carriage.

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      With a single glance the prisoner took in the apartment in itsminutest details. It was a chamber whose furniture was at onceappropriate for a prisoner or a free man; and yet bars at thewindows and outside bolts at the door decided the question infavor of the prison.}

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      She scarcely resisted.

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      "Sign, my Lord; sign the liberation of Milady de Winter," said Felton,holding out paper to the duke.

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       "Be tranquil," murmured Milady; "I will avenge you--andcruelly!"

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    {  "'There is a weapon which despair has placed within the reach ofevery creature who has the courage to use it. I will allowmyself to die with hunger.'

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      "Why so?"