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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Hem," said Monte Cristo in his turn.
2.  "You must see that to be an utter impossibility," saidVillefort. Valentine and the old man heard thisconversation, and Noirtier fixed his eye so earnestly onValentine that she felt bound to answer to the look.
3.  "Then read for yourself;" and the major gave a letter intothe young man's hand. Andrea read in a low voice --
4.  "Blood washes out dishonor," said Morrel.
5.  Villefort dictated a petition, in which, from an excellentintention, no doubt, Dantes' patriotic services wereexaggerated, and he was made out one of the most activeagents of Napoleon's return. It was evident that at thesight of this document the minister would instantly releasehim. The petition finished, Villefort read it aloud.
6.  "And how did this despatch reach you?" inquired the king.The minister bowed his head, and while a deep coloroverspread his cheeks, he stammered out, --


1.  "Ah," said Monte Cristo "I did not expect that the affairwould be so promptly concluded."
2.  "Well, then, will you do as much for me in Paris as Franzdid for you in Rome?"
3.  "Petition the minister."
4.  "Ah, true," said Debray, "you did fight some time ago; aboutwhat?"
5.  "Before Mercedes should die," replied Fernand, with theaccents of unshaken resolution, "I would die myself!"
6.  "What have you to offer to me, my friend? Shells?Straw-work? Thank you!"


1.  "Once more," replied the major.
2.  "And Fernand?"
3.  "At the sight of papers of all sorts, -- titles, contracts,parchments, which were kept in the archives of the family,all descending from the poisoned cardinal, I in my turnexamined the immense bundles of documents, like twentyservitors, stewards, secretaries before me; but in spite ofthe most exhaustive researches, I found -- nothing. Yet Ihad read, I had even written a precise history of the Borgiafamily, for the sole purpose of assuring myself whether anyincrease of fortune had occurred to them on the death of theCardinal Caesar Spada; but could only trace the acquisitionof the property of the Cardinal Rospigliosi, his companionin misfortune.
4.  "Well, M. de Villefort, how would you advise me to act?"asked he.
5.   "On my word," said Franz, "you are wise as Nestor andprudent as Ulysses, and your fair Circe must be very skilfulor very powerful if she succeed in changing you into a beastof any kind." Albert was right; the fair unknown hadresolved, doubtless, to carry the intrigue no farther; foralthough the young men made several more turns, they did notagain see the calash, which had turned up one of theneighboring streets. Then they returned to the RospoliPalace; but the count and the blue domino had alsodisappeared; the two windows, hung with yellow damask, werestill occupied by the persons whom the count had invited. Atthis moment the same bell that had proclaimed the beginningof the mascherata sounded the retreat. The file on the Corsobroke the line, and in a second all the carriages haddisappeared. Franz and Albert were opposite the Via delleMaratte; the coachman, without saying a word, drove up it,passed along the Piazza di Spagni and the Rospoli Palace andstopped at the door of the hotel. Signor Pastrini came tothe door to receive his guests. Franz hastened to inquireafter the count, and to express regret that he had notreturned in sufficient time; but Pastrini reassured him bysaying that the Count of Monte Cristo had ordered a secondcarriage for himself, and that it had gone at four o'clockto fetch him from the Rospoli Palace. The count had,moreover, charged him to offer the two friends the key ofhis box at the Argentina. Franz questioned Albert as to hisintentions; but Albert had great projects to put intoexecution before going to the theatre; and instead of makingany answer, he inquired if Signor Pastrini could procure hima tailor. "A tailor," said the host; "and for what?"
6.  "Reverend sir," murmured Caderousse, seeking to regain thewindow, which the count pitilessly blocked -- "reverend sir,I don't know -- believe me -- I take my oath" --


1.  "You guess well."
2.  "What are you going to say? Oh, spare me!"
3.  "What? What has happened?" asked the countess, as thoughawakening from a sleep to the realities of life; "did yousay a misfortune? Indeed, I should expect misfortunes."
4、  "Morrel," muttered Albert -- "Morrel -- who is he?" Butbefore he had finished, M. de Chateau-Renaud, a handsomeyoung man of thirty, gentleman all over, -- that is, withthe figure of a Guiche and the wit of a Mortemart, -- tookAlbert's hand. "My dear Albert," said he, "let me introduceto you M. Maximilian Morrel, captain of Spahis, my friend;and what is more -- however the man speaks for himself ---mypreserver. Salute my hero, viscount." And he stepped on oneside to give place to a young man of refined and dignifiedbearing, with large and open brow, piercing eyes, and blackmustache, whom our readers have already seen at Marseilles,under circumstances sufficiently dramatic not to beforgotten. A rich uniform, half French, half Oriental, setoff his graceful and stalwart figure, and his broad chestwas decorated with the order of the Legion of Honor. Theyoung officer bowed with easy and elegant politeness."Monsieur," said Albert with affectionate courtesy, "thecount of Chateau-Renaud knew how much pleasure thisintroduction would give me; you are his friend, be oursalso."
5、  "No! -- you undertook to do so."




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      "Never mind that," said Barrois; "I shall go and fetch anotary, nevertheless," -- and the old servant departedtriumphantly on his mission.

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      "I won't go unless you give me the album," said the boy,seating himself doggedly in an arm-chair, according to hishabit of never giving way.

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       "My good friend," said Albert, "I beg pardon for myintrusion, but I was anxious to know from your own mouth ifyour master was really out or not."

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      "Say this to him: `Sire, you are deceived as to the feelingin France, as to the opinions of the towns, and theprejudices of the army; he whom in Paris you call theCorsican ogre, who at Nevers is styled the usurper, isalready saluted as Bonaparte at Lyons, and emperor atGrenoble. You think he is tracked, pursued, captured; he isadvancing as rapidly as his own eagles. The soldiers youbelieve to be dying with hunger, worn out with fatigue,ready to desert, gather like atoms of snow about the rollingball as it hastens onward. Sire, go, leave France to itsreal master, to him who acquired it, not by purchase, but byright of conquest; go, sire, not that you incur any risk,for your adversary is powerful enough to show you mercy, butbecause it would be humiliating for a grandson of SaintLouis to owe his life to the man of Arcola, Marengo,Austerlitz.' Tell him this, Gerard; or, rather, tell himnothing. Keep your journey a secret; do not boast of whatyou have come to Paris to do, or have done; return with allspeed; enter Marseilles at night, and your house by theback-door, and there remain, quiet, submissive, secret, and,above all, inoffensive; for this time, I swear to you, weshall act like powerful men who know their enemies. Go, myson -- go, my dear Gerard, and by your obedience to mypaternal orders, or, if you prefer it, friendly counsels, wewill keep you in your place. This will be," added Noirtier,with a smile, "one means by which you may a second time saveme, if the political balance should some day take anotherturn, and cast you aloft while hurling me down. Adieu, mydear Gerard, and at your next journey alight at my door."Noirtier left the room when he had finished, with the samecalmness that had characterized him during the whole of thisremarkable and trying conversation. Villefort, pale andagitated, ran to the window, put aside the curtain, and sawhim pass, cool and collected, by two or three ill-lookingmen at the corner of the street, who were there, perhaps, toarrest a man with black whiskers, and a blue frock-coat, andhat with broad brim.

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    {  "And when a child I often played with the son in thetimber-yards."

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      "The mission with which I am charged, sir," replied thevisitor, speaking with hesitation, "is a confidential one onthe part of him who fulfils it, and him by whom he isemployed." The abbe bowed. "Your probity," replied thestranger, "is so well known to the prefect that he wishes asa magistrate to ascertain from you some particularsconnected with the public safety, to ascertain which I amdeputed to see you. It is hoped that no ties of friendshipor humane consideration will induce you to conceal thetruth."}

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      "It is likely."

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      Peppino remained breathless. "A pardon for Peppino, calledRocca Priori," said the principal friar. And he passed thepaper to the officer commanding the carbineers, who read andreturned it to him.

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       "What do you mean to say?"

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    {  The two young ladies were seen seated on the same chair, atthe piano, accompanying themselves, each with one hand, afancy to which they had accustomed themselves, and performedadmirably. Mademoiselle d'Armilly, whom they then perceivedthrough the open doorway, formed with Eugenie one of thetableaux vivants of which the Germans are so fond. She wassomewhat beautiful, and exquisitely formed -- a littlefairy-like figure, with large curls falling on her neck,which was rather too long, as Perugino sometimes makes hisVirgins, and her eyes dull from fatigue. She was said tohave a weak chest, and like Antonia in the "Cremona Violin,"she would die one day while singing. Monte Cristo cast onerapid and curious glance round this sanctum; it was thefirst time he had ever seen Mademoiselle d'Armilly, of whomhe had heard much. "Well," said the banker to his daughter,"are we then all to be excluded?" He then led the young maninto the study, and either by chance or manoeuvre the doorwas partially closed after Andrea, so that from the placewhere they sat neither the Count nor the baroness could seeanything; but as the banker had accompanied Andrea, MadameDanglars appeared to take no notice of it.

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      "`"I am a royalist," replied the general; "I have taken theoath of allegiance to Louis XVIII., and I will adhere toit." These words were followed by a general murmur, and itwas evident that several of the members were discussing thepropriety of making the general repent of his rashness.