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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I have been listening to her for the last five minutes, but did notwish to interrupt your most interesting narrative. Just a littlewheezy, Susan, are you not? You breathe too heavily for that kind ofwork."
2.  "Well, I was trying to express it as delicately as I could, but ifyou insist upon the word I will not contradict you."
3.  He took her aside and spoke earnestly for a few minutes. I onlyheard the last words, which were: "Your anxiety will soon, I hope,be set at rest." The woman, who seemed to be a sour, silent kind ofcreature, withdrew with the child.
4.  "'He crept away, his face sunk upon his breast, like a broken man,while I put out the light and returned to my room.
6.  "I explained that I was and that I was a friend of Godfrey's."'What a pity that he should be away on his travels, for he wouldhave so liked to see me,' I continued.


1.  "Danger of what, Holmes?"
2.  "I've had enough of you and your geese," he shouted. "I wishyou were all at the devil together. If you come pestering me anymore with your silly talk I'll set the dog at you. You bring Mrs.Oakshott here and I'll answer her, but what have you to do withit? Did I buy the geese off you?"
3.  "I had no keys of the doors- only of the safe."
4.  "On the contrary, this is the right side."
5.  "Boscombe Valley is a country district not very far from Ross, inHerefordshire. The largest landed proprietor in that part is a Mr.John Turner, who made his money in Australia and returned some yearsago to the old country. One of the farms which he held, that ofHatherley, was let to Mr. Charles McCarthy, who was also anex-Australian. The men had known each other in the colonies, so thatit was not unnatural that when they came to settle down they should doso as near each other as possible. Turner was apparently the richerman, so McCarthy became his tenant but still remained, it seems,upon terms of perfect equality, as they were frequently together.McCarthy had one son, a lad of eighteen, and Turner had an onlydaughter of the same age, but neither of them had wives living. Theyappear to have avoided the society of the neighbouring Englishfamilies and to have led retired lives, though both the McCarthys werefond of sport and were frequently seen at the race-meetings of theneighbourhood. McCarthy kept two servants-a man and a girl. Turner hada considerable household, some half-dozen at the least. That is asmuch as I have been able to gather about the families. Now for thefacts.
6.  "Still, I must ask you to humour me a little further. I should like,for example, to see how far the windows of the bedrooms command thefront. This, I understand, is your son's room"-he pushed open thedoor-"and that, I presume is the dressing-room in which he sat smokingwhen the alarm was given. Where does the window of that look outto?" He stepped across the bedroom, pushed open the door, andglanced round the other chamber.


1.  "In my imagination, perhaps. Well, leave it there, Watson. Let usescape from this weary workaday world by the side door of music.Carina sings to-night at the Albert Hall, and we still have time todress, dine, and enjoy."
2.  "What's the matter, Walters?" asked Baynes sharply.
3.  "That is also quite modern," said the lady.
4.  "It seems most improbable."
5.   "Yes, but very small ones. Too narrow for anyone to pass through.""As you both locked your doors at night, your rooms wereunapproachable from that side. Now, would you have the kindness togo into your room and bar your shutters?"
6.  "Oh, you did, did you?"


1.  "Exactly!"
2.  "'Over the oak.'
3.  "A South American household. My instinct felt the presence ofthose weapons upon the wall before, my eyes ever saw them. It mighthave been other poison, but that was what occurred to me. When I sawthat little empty quiver beside the small bird-bow, it was just what Iexpected to see. If the child were pricked with one of those arrowsdipped in curare or some other devilish drug, it would mean death ifthe venom were not sucked out.
4、  That hour was not long in striking. We crouched closer in the shadowas we heard the outer door open and shut. Then came the sharp,metallic snap of a key, and the American was in the room. He closedthe door softly behind him, took a sharp glance around him to see thatall was safe, threw off his overcoat, and walked up to the centraltable with the brisk manner of one who knows exactly what he has to doand how to do it. He pushed the table to one side, tore up thesquare of carpet on which it rested, rolled it completely back, andthen, drawing a jemmy from his inside pocket, he knelt down and workedvigorously upon the floor. Presently we heard the sound of slidingboards, and an instant later a square had opened in the planks. KillerEvans struck a match, lit a stump of candle, and vanished from ourview.
5、  "Yes, he has."




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      "That is what Mr. Hilton Cubitt, of Riding Thorpe Manor, Norfolk, isvery anxious to know. This little conundrum came by the first post,and he was to follow by the next train. There's a ring at the bell,Watson. I should not be very much surprised if this were he."A heavy step was heard upon the stairs, and an instant later thereentered a tall, ruddy, clean-shaven gentleman, whose clear eyes andflorid cheeks told of a life led far from the fogs of Baker Street. Heseemed to bring a whiff of his strong, fresh, bracing, east-coastair with him as he entered. Having shaken hands with each of us, hewas about to sit down, when his eye rested upon the paper with thecurious markings, which I had just examined and left upon the table."Well, Mr. Holmes, what do you make of these?" he cried. "Theytold me that you were fond of queer mysteries, and I don't think youcan find a queerer one than that. I sent the paper on ahead, so thatyou might have time to study it before I came."

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      "There is no exit?"

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       "There was a period of excitement upon August 26th. We will assumethat he is a little hazy as to what he does at such times. If weinsist that we are there by appointment I think he will hardly ventureto contradict us. Have you the effrontery necessary to put itthrough?"

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      Dear Sir:

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    {  Mr. Neil Gibson had not returned from town, but we saw in thehouse the neurotic Mr. Bates who had called upon us in the morning. Heshowed us with a sinister relish the formidable array of firearms ofvarious shapes and sizes which his employer had accumulated in thecourse of an adventurous life.

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      Holmes sprang from his chair.}

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      "I must go home now, for dad is very ill, and he misses me so if Ileave him. Good-bye, and God help you in your undertaking." Shehurried from the room as impulsively as she had entered, and weheard the wheels of her carriage rattle off down the street."I am ashamed of you, Holmes," said Lestrade with dignity after afew minutes' silence. "Why should you raise up hopes which you arebound to disappoint? I am not over-tender of heart, but I call itcruel."

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      But it was only for a moment that we were at fault. At one corner,the corner nearest the room which we had left, there was a seconddoor. Holmes sprang to it and pulled it open. A coat and waistcoatwere lying on the floor, and from a hook behind the door, with his ownbraces round his neck, was hanging the managing director of theFranco-Midland Hardware Company. His knees were drawn up, his headhung at a dreadful angle to his body, and the clatter of his heelsagainst the door made the noise which had broken in upon ourconversation. In an instant I had caught him round the waist andheld him up while Holmes and Pycroft untied the elastic bands whichhad disappeared between the livid creases of skin. Then we carried himinto the other room, where he lay with a clay-coloured face, puffinghis purple lips in and out with every breath-a dreadful wreck of allthat he had been but five minutes before.

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       "And what became of the bust?" asked Holmes, after a careful studyof this picture.

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    {  Before evening, we had a visit from Inspector Stanley Hopkins.Things were not going very well with him.

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      "Oh! it's fine, is it?" growled the savage. "It won't be so damnfine if I have to trim you up a bit. I've handled your kind beforenow, and they didn't look fine when I was through with them. Look atthat, Masser Holmes!"