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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Noirtier!" repeated the abbe; "Noirtier! -- I knew a personof that name at the court of the Queen of Etruria, -- aNoirtier, who had been a Girondin during the Revolution!What was your deputy called?"
2.  "You see I was praying." The scrutinizing glance of thecount searched the young man from head to foot. He thenseemed more easy.
3.  "Why, it was he who spoke to me, sir," said Dantes, with asmile.
4.  "Of the evil you have done," said the voice.
5.  "You are wrong; you must advise me what to do."
6.  "'Tis well, Danglars -- 'tis well!" replied M. Morrel. "Youare a worthy fellow; and I had already thought of yourinterests in the event of poor Edmond having become captainof the Pharaon."


1.  "Pray don't mention such a thing," said the count. Baptistinre-entered with glasses, wine, and biscuits. The countfilled one glass, but in the other he only poured a fewdrops of the ruby-colored liquid. The bottle was coveredwith spiders' webs, and all the other signs which indicatethe age of wine more truly than do wrinkles on a man's face.The major made a wise choice; he took the full glass and abiscuit. The count told Baptistin to leave the plate withinreach of his guest, who began by sipping the Alicante withan expression of great satisfaction, and then delicatelysteeped his biscuit in the wine.
2.  "Alas, sir, in the most unexpected manner. After a long talkwith the harbor-master, Captain Leclere left Naples greatlydisturbed in mind. In twenty-four hours he was attacked by afever, and died three days afterwards. We performed theusual burial service, and he is at his rest, sewn up in hishammock with a thirty-six pound shot at his head and hisheels, off El Giglio island. We bring to his widow his swordand cross of honor. It was worth while, truly," added theyoung man with a melancholy smile, "to make war against theEnglish for ten years, and to die in his bed at last, likeeverybody else."
3.  "Yes, in Italy; it was in Italy most probably," repliedMonte Cristo; "you have travelled then in Italy,mademoiselle?"
4.  "Yes; I have just made a little excursion to the BorromeanIslands."*
5.  "Nonsense; say on."
6.  "Everything is possible in this affair, even a miracle."


1.  "One morning my father sent for us; my mother had beencrying all the night, and was very wretched; we found thepasha calm, but paler than usual. `Take courage, Vasiliki,'said he; `to-day arrives the firman of the master, and myfate will be decided. If my pardon be complete, we shallreturn triumphant to Yanina; if the news be inauspicious, wemust fly this night.' -- `But supposing our enemy should notallow us to do so?' said my mother. `Oh, make yourself easyon that head,' said Ali, smiling; `Selim and his flaminglance will settle that matter. They would be glad to see medead, but they would not like themselves to die with me.'
2.  "By all means, be as wise as Nestor and as prudent asUlysses; I do more than permit, I exhort you."
3.  "Pity Albert also, Maximilian; for believe me he is theworthy son of the countess. But let us return to yourself.You have hastened to me -- can I have the happiness of beinguseful to you?"
4.  "What I mean to say is, that my mother is not quick to giveher confidence, but when she does she never changes."
5.   "Ah, my father!" said Franz, interrupting himself. "Iunderstand now why they murdered him." Valentine could nothelp casting one glance towards the young man, whose filialenthusiasm it was delightful to behold. Villefort walked toand fro behind them. Noirtier watched the expression of eachone, and preserved his dignified and commanding attitude.Franz returned to the manuscript, and continued: --
6.  "Nothing I should like better."


1.  The glass-cutter had entered, and was feeling his way, hisarms stretched out before him. At last he appeared to havemade himself familiar with his surroundings. There were twodoors; he bolted them both.
2.  "Ah, pardieu," said Beauchamp, "with the paper in your hand,my friend, I need not tell you the cause of my visit."
3.  "Poor Fernand has been dismissed," continued Caderousse.
4、  "No," said Valentine, "you might meet some one; stay."
5、  "I do not know; I have only heard that an emperor of Chinahad an oven built expressly, and that in this oven twelvejars like this were successively baked. Two broke, from theheat of the fire; the other ten were sunk three hundredfathoms deep into the sea. The sea, knowing what wasrequired of her, threw over them her weeds, encircled themwith coral, and encrusted them with shells; the whole wascemented by two hundred years beneath these almostimpervious depths, for a revolution carried away the emperorwho wished to make the trial, and only left the documentsproving the manufacture of the jars and their descent intothe sea. At the end of two hundred years the documents werefound, and they thought of bringing up the jars. Diversdescended in machines, made expressly on the discovery, intothe bay where they were thrown; but of ten three onlyremained, the rest having been broken by the waves. I amfond of these jars, upon which, perhaps, misshapen,frightful monsters have fixed their cold, dull eyes, and inwhich myriads of small fish have slept, seeking a refugefrom the pursuit of their enemies." Meanwhile, Danglars, whohad cared little for curiosities, was mechanically tearingoff the blossoms of a splendid orange-tree, one afteranother. When he had finished with the orange-tree, he beganat the cactus; but this, not being so easily plucked as theorange-tree, pricked him dreadfully. He shuddered, andrubbed his eyes as though awaking from a dream.




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      "Nearly nine years."

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      "Is regarded with universal esteem."

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       "By Bonaparte, or, at least, by his adherents."

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      "You are right, Morrel; God is speaking to your heart, andyour heart speaks to you. Tell me what it says."

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    {  "But with what motive have you learned all this?" inquiredVillefort, in astonishment. Monte Cristo smiled. "Really,sir," he observed, "I see that in spite of the reputationwhich you have acquired as a superior man, you look ateverything from the material and vulgar view of society,beginning with man, and ending with man -- that is to say,in the most restricted, most narrow view which it ispossible for human understanding to embrace."

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      "Sire," said Villefort, "your majesty mistakes; this is anofficer's cross."}

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      "A quarter to ten."

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      "A probable thing!"

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       "Shall I see you again ere my departure?" asked Albert.

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    {  "Was it M. de Villefort?"

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      "I will tell you all," said Valentine; "from you I havenothing to conceal. This morning the subject was introduced,and my dear grandmother, on whom I depended as my onlysupport, not only declared herself favorable to it, but isso anxious for it, that they only await the arrival of M.d'Epinay, and the following day the contract will besigned." A deep sigh escaped the young man, who gazed longand mournfully at her he loved. "Alas," replied he, "it isdreadful thus to hear my condemnation from your own lips.The sentence is passed, and, in a few hours, will beexecuted; it must be so, and I will not endeavor to preventit. But, since you say nothing remains but for M. d'Epinayto arrive that the contract may be signed, and the followingday you will be his, to-morrow you will be engaged to M.d'Epinay, for he came this morning to Paris." Valentineuttered a cry.