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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Dear me, dear me- the postoffice again!" Holmes sighed, wearily. "Amost urgent telegram was dispatched to you from London by GodfreyStaunton at six fifteen yesterday evening- a telegram which isundoubtedly associated with his disappearance- and yet you have nothad it. It is most culpable. I shall certainly go down to the officehere and register a complaint."
2.  "And also unfrocked."
3.  "Madam, what you ask me is really impossible."
4.  "There is surely some mistake here, gentlemen," he said in anunctuous, make-everything-easy voice. "I fancy that you have beenmisdirected. Possibly if you tried farther down the street-""That will do; we have no time to waste," said my companionfirmly. "You are Henry Peters, of Adelaide, late the Rev. Dr.Shlessinger, of Baden and South America. I am as sure of that asthat my own name is Sherlock Holmes."
5.  "It is certainly delicate," said my friend with an amused smile,"but I have not been struck up to now with its complexity. It has beena case for intellectual deduction, but when this original intellectualdeduction is confirmed point by point by quite a number of independentincidents, then the subjective becomes objective and we can sayconfidently that we have reached our goal. I had, in fact, reachedit before we left Baker Street, and the rest has merely beenobservation and confirmation."
6.  "'Oh, yes, I really mean it.'


1.  Some three hours or so afterwards we were all in the train together,bound from Reading to the little Berkshire village. There wereSherlock Holmes, the hydraulic engineer, Inspector Bradstreet, ofScotland Yard, a plain-clothes man, and myself. Bradstreet hadspread an ordnance map of the county out upon the seat and was busywith his compasses drawing a circle with Eyford for its centre."There you are," said he. "That circle is drawn at a radius of tenmiles from the village. The place we want must be somewhere nearthat line. You said ten miles, I think, sir."
2.  "But the boy- he is fifteen, I understand, and probably verydeveloped in mind, since his body has been circumscribed in action.Did he give you no explanation of these assaults?"
3.  "Not in the least. Is it possible that even now, when I giveyou these results, you are unable to see how they are attained?""I have no doubt that I am very stupid, but I must confessthat I am unable to follow you. For example, how did you deducethat this man was intellectual?"
4.  "By train from Waterloo."
5.  I trust that I am not more dense than my neighbours, but I wasalways oppressed with a sense of my own stupidity in my dealingswith Sherlock Holmes. Here I had heard what he had heard, I hadseen what he had seen, and yet from his words it was evident thathe saw clearly not only what had happened but what was about tohappen, while to me the whole business was still confused andgrotesque. As I drove home to my house in Kensington I thoughtover it all, from the extraordinary story of the red-headed copierof the Encyclopaedia down to the visit to Saxe-Coburg Square, andthe ominous words with which he had parted from me. What was thisnocturnal expedition, and why should I go armed? Where were wegoing, and what were we to do? I had the hint from Holmes thatthis smooth-faced pawnbroker's assistant was a formidable man--aman who might play a deep game. I tried to puzzle it out, butgave it up in despair and set the matter aside until night shouldbring an explanation.
6.  "Then we come to the all-important point. This pistol that was foundin your room. Had you ever seen it before?"


1.  "His companion!"
2.  "Did Lady Brackenstall say that screw was used?"
3.  "Show them in one by one," said Holmes.
4.  "But he never brought light into anything quite so dark as this?""Oh, yes, I have known him solve questions which presented fewerclues than yours."
5.   We travelled by the Underground as far as Aldersgate; and ashort walk took us to Saxe-Coburg Square, the scene of thesingular story which we had listened to in the morning. It was apoky, little, shabby-genteel place, where four lines of dingytwo-storied brick houses looked out into a small railed-inenclosure, where a lawn of weedy grass and a few clumps of fadedlaurel-bushes made a hard fight against a smoke-laden anduncongenial atmosphere. Three gilt balls and a brown board with"JABEZ WILSON" in white letters, upon a corner house, announcedthe place where our red-headed client carried on his business.Sherlock Holmes stopped in front of it with his head on one sideand looked it all over, with his eyes shining brightly betweenpuckered lids. Then he walked slowly up the street, and then downagain to the corner, still looking keenly at the houses. Finallyhe returned to the pawnbroker's, and, having thumped vigorouslyupon the pavement with his stick two or three times, he went up tothe door and knocked. It was instantly opened by a
6.  "It is my business."


1.  Cosmopolitan," I remarked.
2.  "There's a constable in possession," said Baynes. "I'll knock at thewindow." He stepped across the grass plot and tapped with his handon the pane. Through the fogged glass I dimly saw a man spring up froma chair beside the fire, and heard a sharp cry from within the room.An instant later a white-faced, hard-breathing policeman had openedthe door, the candle wavering in his trembling hand.
3.  "'I am delighted to hear it, for your advice at present would beexceedingly valuable to me. We have had some very strange doings atHurlstone, and the police have been able to throw no light upon thematter. It is really the most extraordinary and inexplicablebusiness.'
4、  wonderfully. We had learned of the existence of this steward, animpulsive man, of strong passions- you remember that he threw upwhat must have been a very superior berth in order to be nearer to hiswife- subject, too, to occasional fits of hard drinking. We had reasonto believe that his wife had been murdered, and that a man- presumablya seafaring man- had been murdered at the same time. Jealousy, ofcourse, at once suggests itself as the motive for the crime. And whyshould these proofs of the deed be sent to Miss Sarah Cushing?Probably because during her residence in Liverpool she had some handin bringing about the events which led to the tragedy. You willobserve that this line of boats calls at Belfast Dublin, andWaterford; so that, presuming that Browner had committed the deedand had embarked at once upon his steamer, the May Day, Belfastwould be the first place at which he could post his terrible packet."A second solution was at this stage obviously possible, andalthough I thought it exceedingly unlikely, I was determined toelucidate it before going further. An unsuccessful lover might havekilled Mr. and Mrs. Browner, and the male ear might have belonged tothe husband. There were many grave objections to this theory, but itwas conceivable. I therefore sent off a telegram to my friend Algar,of the Liverpool force, and asked him to find out if Mrs. Browner wereat home, and if Browner had departed in the May Day. Then we went onto Wallington to visit Miss Sarah.
5、  "Vernon Lodge, near Kingston. It is a large house. He has beenfortunate in some rather shady speculations and is a rich man, whichnaturally makes him a more dangerous antagonist."




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       The Count sprang to his feet, and his hand involuntarily movedback to his hip-pocket.

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      "You will appreciate the difficulty of the situation, Watson.There is nothing upon which we can apply for a warrant. Our wholescheme might seem fantastic if laid before a magistrate. The woman'sdisappearance counts for nothing, since in that extraordinaryhousehold any member of it might be invisible for a week. And yetshe may at the present moment be in danger of her life. All I can dois to watch the house and leave my agent, Warner, on guard at thegates. We can't let such a situation continue. If the law can donothing we must take the risk ourselves."

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    {  "A very sensible reply, Watson. You must look at it this way: what Iknow is unofficial, what he knows is official. I have the right toprivate judgment, but he has none. He must disclose all, or he is atraitor to his service. In a doubtful case I would not put him in sopainful a position, and so I reserve my information until my ownmind is clear upon the matter."

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      One summer night a few months after my marriage, I was seated bymy own hearth smoking a last pipe and nodding over a novel, for myday's work had been an exhausting one. My wife had already goneupstairs, and the sound of the locking of the hall door some timebefore told me that the servants had also retired. I had risen from myseat and was knocking out the ashes of my pipe when I suddenly heardthe clang of the bell.}

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      "Oh, to be sure, I had not told you of my plans. Well, Watson, Ilove to come to close grips with my man. I like to meet him eye to eyeand read for myself the stuff that he is made of. When I had givenJohnson his instructions I took a cab out to Kingston and found theBaron in a most affable mood."

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      Lestrade rose in his triumph and bent his head to look. "Why," heshrieked, "you're looking at the wrong side!"

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       "Well, when I came to examine the box I found there was no moneyin it, and nothing but papers that I would not dare to sell. I hadlost my hold on Black Peter and was stranded in London without ashilling. There was only my trade left. I saw these advertisementsabout harpooners, and high wages, so I went to the shipping agents,and they sent me here. That's all I know, and I say again that if Ikilled Black Peter, the law should give me thanks, for I saved themthe rice of a hempen rope."

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    {  "I see. By the way, that last letter of the Dukes- was it found inthe boy's room after he was gone?"

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      "And how have you succeeded?"