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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "At least I hope so," said the novice, with an expression of joy whichshe made no effort to disguise.
2.  "At a quarter of a league from the city. Look, you may see itfrom here--at the foot of that little hill, that slated roof.""Very well," said the gentleman. And, with his lackey, he tookthe road to the governor's country house.
3.  "He, my thief!" replied D'Artagnan. "Ah, the traitor!" and hedisappeared.
4.  "I will not promise," said Milady, "for no one has more respectfor a promise or an oath than I have; and if I make a promise Imust keep it."
5.  Nevertheless, when the name of the king was now and then utteredunthinkingly amid all these cardinal jests, a sort of gag seemedto close for a moment on all these jeering mouths. They lookedhesitatingly around them, and appeared to doubt the thickness ofthe partition between them and the office of M. de Treville; buta fresh allusion soon brought back the conversation to hisEminence, and then the laughter recovered its loudness and thelight was not withheld from any of his actions.
6.  The host recognized him.


1.  "The Pope is the successor of St. Peter, and represents the threedivine powers; the rest-ORDINES INFERIORES-of the ecclesiasticalhierarchy bless in the name of the holy archangels and angels.The most humble clerks such as our deacons and sacristans, blesswith holy water sprinklers, which resemble an infinite number ofblessing fingers. There is the subject simplified. ARGUMENTUMOMNI DENUDATUM ORNAMENTO. I could make of that subject twovolumes the size of this," continued the Jesuit; and in hisenthusiasm he struck a St. Chrysostom in folio, which made thetable bend beneath its weight.
2.  "And the two women parted, exchanging charming smiles.Milady had told the truth--her head was confused, for her ill-arrangedplans clashed one another like chaos. She required to be alone thatshe might put her thoughts a little into order. She saw vaguely thefuture; but she stood in need of a little silence and quiet to give allher ideas, as yet confused, a distinct form and a regular plan.What was most pressing was to get Mme. Bonacieux away, and convey her toa place of safety, and there, if matters required, make her a hostage.Milady began to have doubts of the issue of this terrible duel, in whichher enemies showed as much perseverance as she did animosity.Besides, she felt as we feel when a storm is coming on--that this issuewas near, and could not fail to be terrible.
3.  "Good, the Luxembourg! One might believe this is anallusion to the queen-mother! That's ingenious," saidAthos.
4.  "Enough," replied the questioner.
5.  "Capital! but it is understood you will only cross the river in case ofdanger."
6.  Hearing that voice, so sweet and suppliant, seeing that look, sotimid and downcast, Felton reproached himself. By degrees theenchantress had clothed herself with that magic adornment whichshe assumed and threw aside at will; that is to say, beauty,meekness, and tears--and above all, the irresistible attractionof mystical voluptuousness, the most devouring of allvoluptuousness.


1.  "The woman who was here--the woman with the embroideredhandkerchief."
2.  "Which I received this morning."
3.  Flattery was at that period very current, and M. de Trevilleloved incense as well as a king, or even a cardinal. He couldnot refrain from a smile of visible satisfaction; but this smilesoon disappeared, and returning to the adventure of Meung, "Tellme," continued he, "had not this gentlemen a slight scar on hischeek?"
5.   "But others wish that you should go there."
6.  The woman's hood was pulled down, and the man geld a handkerchiefto his face. Both, as this double precaution indicated, had aninterest in not being recognized.


1.  "Ready money is needful for the present time, and we mustlearn how to make sacrifices. Go, D'Artagnan, go; Grimaudwill accompany you with his musketoon."
2.  "I was afraid I had made a mistake in the chamber, and that I hadfound my way into the apartment of some churchman. Then anothererror seized me on seeing you in company with these gentlemen--Iwas afraid you were dangerously ill."
3.  "Call Mr. Felton," said he. "Wait a minute longer, and I willintroduce him to you."
4、  "Where you please, my dear child."
5、  "I am only temporarily a Musketeer," said Aramis, humbly."It is some time since we heard from his mistress," saidAthos, in a low voice. "But take no notice; we know allabout that."




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      "Silence!" said Mme. Bonacieux, starting.

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       But when the saddle and arms for Grimaud were purchased,Athos had not a son left of his hundred and fifty pistoles.D'Artagnan offered his friend a part of his share which heshould return when convenient.

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      In the Rue de Seine he met Planchet, who had stopped beforethe house of a pastry cook, and was contemplating withecstasy a cake of the most appetizing appearance.He ordered him to go and saddle two horses in M. deTreville's stables--one for himself, D'Artagnan, and one forPlanchet--and bring them to Athens's place. Once for all,Treville had placed his stable at D'Artagnan's service.Planchet proceeded toward the Rue du Colombier, andD'Artagnan toward the Rue Ferou. Athos was at home,emptying sadly a bottle of the famous Spanish wine he hadbrought back with him from his journey into Picardy. Hemade a sign for Grimaud to bring a glass for D'Artagnan, andGrimaud obeyed as usual.

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    {  "Even on the field of battle, I have never done that."Porthos shrugged his shoulders; Aramis by a movement of hislips endorsed Athos.

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      D'Artagnan took his hand. "See, Planchet," said he, "thesegentlemen only say this out of affection for me, but atbottom they all like you."}

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      It is not my intention here to enter into an analysis of thiscurious work; and I shall satisfy myself with referring such ofmy readers as appreciate the pictures of the period to its pages.They will therein find portraits penciled by the hand of amaster; and although these squibs may be, for the most part,traced upon the doors of barracks and the walls of cabarets, theywill not find the likenesses of Louis XIII, Anne of Austria,Richelieu, Mazarin, and the courtiers of the period, lessfaithful than in the history of M. Anquetil.

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      "Ah, is that you, D'Artagnan, and you, Athos?" said the youngman. "I was reflecting upon the rapidity with which theblessings of this world leave us. My English horse, which hasjust disappeared amid a cloud of dust, has furnished me with aliving image of the fragility of the things of the earth. Lifeitself may be resolved into three words: ERAT, EST, FUIT.""Which means--" said D'Artagnan, who began to suspect the truth."Which means that I have just been duped-sixty louis for a horsewhich by the manner of his gait can do at least five leagues anhour."

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       "But will the person who shall accompany you afterward be a manor a woman?"

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    {  "Then run to the door, and open it yourself."

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      "Do what you please, Monsieur Chevalier. Help me out ofParis; help me out of France!"