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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Well, I was but four years old when one night I wassuddenly awakened by my mother. We were in the palace ofYanina; she snatched me from the cushions on which I wassleeping, and on opening my eyes I saw hers filled withtears. She took me away without speaking. When I saw herweeping I began to cry too. `Hush, child!' said she. Atother times in spite of maternal endearments or threats, Ihad with a child's caprice been accustomed to indulge myfeelings of sorrow or anger by crying as much as I feltinclined; but on this occasion there was an intonation ofsuch extreme terror in my mother's voice when she enjoinedme to silence, that I ceased crying as soon as her commandwas given. She bore me rapidly away.
2.  "Yes, if he be poor and inexperienced, not if he be rich andskilful; besides, the worst that could happen to him wouldbe the punishment of which we have already spoken, and whichthe philanthropic French Revolution has substituted forbeing torn to pieces by horses or broken on the wheel. Whatmatters this punishment, as long as he is avenged? On myword, I almost regret that in all probability this miserablePeppino will not be beheaded, as you might have had anopportunity then of seeing how short a time the punishmentlasts, and whether it is worth even mentioning; but, reallythis is a most singular conversation for the Carnival,gentlemen; how did it arise? Ah, I recollect, you asked fora place at my window; you shall have it; but let us firstsit down to table, for here comes the servant to inform usthat breakfast is ready." As he spoke, a servant opened oneof the four doors of the apartment, saying -- "Al suocommodo!" The two young men arose and entered thebreakfast-room.
3.  "Without seeing Mademoiselle Valentine?"
4.  "That is true, sir, and that is what I like best," said theman, smiling.
5.  "Have you noticed the remarkable beauty of the young woman,M. Lucien?" inquired Eugenie.
6.  The damp had rendered it friable, and Dantes was able tobreak it off -- in small morsels, it is true, but at the endof half an hour he had scraped off a handful; amathematician might have calculated that in two years,supposing that the rock was not encountered, a passagetwenty feet long and two feet broad, might be formed.


1.  Chapter 98The Bell and Bottle Tavern.
2.  "The president paused, and the count turned pale. Thepresident looked at his auditors. `Proceed,' was heard onall sides. The president resumed: --
3.  Morrel looked around him, and then, drawing Dantes on oneside, he said suddenly -- "And how is the emperor?"
4.  "You are most welcome, monsieur," said the Count of Morcerf,saluting Monte Cristo with a smile, "and monsieur hasrendered our house, in preserving its only heir, a servicewhich insures him our eternal gratitude." As he said thesewords, the count of Morcerf pointed to a chair, while heseated himself in another opposite the window.
5.  "And do you propose to make this journey very shortly?"
6.  "Really!" exclaimed the Englishman.


1.  "Indeed, count," said Morcerf, "I thank you sincerely forhaving used so much candor towards me, and I gratefullyaccept the exclusion which you propose. You say you desiremy mother's good opinion; I assure you it is already yoursto a very unusual extent."
2.  "I was inspector-general of the pasha's troops," repliedMorcerf; "and it is no secret that I owe my fortune, such asit is, to the liberality of the illustrious Albanese chief."
3.  "What think you of that?" inquired Franz.
4.  "I would give a hundred thousand francs to be able to doso."
5.   "Excessively; only imagine -- but do tell me, viscount,whether you really are acquainted with it or no?"
6.  As Danglars approached the disappointed lover, he cast onhim a look of deep meaning, while Fernand, as he slowlypaced behind the happy pair, who seemed, in their ownunmixed content, to have entirely forgotten that such abeing as himself existed, was pale and abstracted;occasionally, however, a deep flush would overspread hiscountenance, and a nervous contraction distort his features,while, with an agitated and restless gaze, he would glancein the direction of Marseilles, like one who eitheranticipated or foresaw some great and important event.


1.  "Well, be it so. You have continued your course of villany;you have robbed -- you have assassinated."
2.  "It is probable," stammered out Villefort, trying to smile;"but I can assure you that I had nothing to do with any suchproceeding. This house is part of Valentine'smarriage-portion, and M. de Saint-Meran wished to sell it;for if it had remained another year or two uninhabited itwould have fallen to ruin." It was Morrel's turn to becomepale.
3.  "Then," said Mercedes, "I will lead the way." Turningtowards Monte Cristo, she added, "count, will you oblige mewith your arm?" The count almost staggered at these simplewords; then he fixed his eyes on Mercedes. It was only amomentary glance, but it seemed to the countess to havelasted for a century, so much was expressed in that onelook. He offered his arm to the countess; she took it, orrather just touched it with her little hand, and theytogether descended the steps, lined with rhododendrons andcamellias. Behind them, by another outlet, a group of abouttwenty persons rushed into the garden with loud exclamationsof delight.
4、  "Certainly," continued Monte Cristo, "I make threeassortments in fortune -- first-rate, second-rate, andthird-rate fortunes. I call those first-rate which arecomposed of treasures one possesses under one's hand, suchas mines, lands, and funded property, in such states asFrance, Austria, and England, provided these treasures andproperty form a total of about a hundred millions; I callthose second-rate fortunes, that are gained by manufacturingenterprises, joint-stock companies, viceroyalties, andprincipalities, not drawing more than 1,500,000 francs, thewhole forming a capital of about fifty millions; finally, Icall those third-rate fortunes, which are composed of afluctuating capital, dependent upon the will of others, orupon chances which a bankruptcy involves or a false telegramshakes, such as banks, speculations of the day -- in fact,all operations under the influence of greater or lessmischances, the whole bringing in a real or fictitiouscapital of about fifteen millions. I think this is aboutyour position, is it not?"
5、  "What I do not wish, madame, is that you should perish onthe scaffold. Do you understand?" asked Villefort.




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      "And you include me in the expression every one -- manythanks!"

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      Such was the state of society in Paris at the period webring before our readers, when Monte Cristo went one eveningto pay M. Danglars a visit. M. Danglars was out, but thecount was asked to go and see the baroness, and he acceptedthe invitation. It was never without a nervous shudder,since the dinner at Auteuil, and the events which followedit, that Madame Danglars heard Monte Cristo's nameannounced. If he did not come, the painful sensation becamemost intense; if, on the contrary, he appeared, his noblecountenance, his brilliant eyes, his amiability, his politeattention even towards Madame Danglars, soon dispelled everyimpression of fear. It appeared impossible to the baronessthat a man of such delightfully pleasing manners shouldentertain evil designs against her; besides, the mostcorrupt minds only suspect evil when it would answer someinterested end -- useless injury is repugnant to every mind.When Monte Cristo entered the boudoir, -- to which we havealready once introduced our readers, and where the baronesswas examining some drawings, which her daughter passed toher after having looked at them with M. Cavalcanti, -- hispresence soon produced its usual effect, and it was withsmiles that the baroness received the count, although shehad been a little disconcerted at the announcement of hisname. The latter took in the whole scene at a glance.

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       "No," said Villefort, rising hastily; "stay where you are.It is for me to give orders here, and not you."

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      His words were re-echoed by the whole party, with vociferouscheers.

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    {  "Just God!" he muttered, "whence comes this thought? Is itfrom thee? Since none but the dead pass freely from thisdungeon, let me take the place of the dead!" Without givinghimself time to reconsider his decision, and, indeed, thathe might not allow his thoughts to be distracted from hisdesperate resolution, he bent over the appalling shroud,opened it with the knife which Faria had made, drew thecorpse from the sack, and bore it along the tunnel to hisown chamber, laid it on his couch, tied around its head therag he wore at night around his own, covered it with hiscounterpane, once again kissed the ice-cold brow, and triedvainly to close the resisting eyes, which glared horribly,turned the head towards the wall, so that the jailer might,when he brought the evening meal, believe that he wasasleep, as was his frequent custom; entered the tunnelagain, drew the bed against the wall, returned to the othercell, took from the hiding-place the needle and thread,flung off his rags, that they might feel only naked fleshbeneath the coarse canvas, and getting inside the sack,placed himself in the posture in which the dead body hadbeen laid, and sewed up the mouth of the sack from theinside.

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      "I will name to you several sums which will increase bygradation; you will stop me when I reach the onerepresenting the amount of your own possessions?"}

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      "To repeat these signs." Monte Cristo took a paper from hispocket, upon which were drawn three signs, with numbers toindicate the order in which they were to be worked.

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      "Yes, for I can follow you no farther, and I only stop atthe foot of the scaffold. Some further discovery will bemade, which will bring this dreadful tragedy to a close.Adieu."

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       "Yes," said Monte Cristo; "but, unfortunately, a recipeexcellent for a man like myself would be very dangerousapplied to an army, which might not awake when it wasneeded."

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    {  "This 25th day of April, 1498, be...ing invited to dine byhis Holiness Alexander VI., and fearing that not...contentwith making me pay for my hat, he may desire to become myheir, and re...serves for me the fate of Cardinals Capraraand Bentivoglio, who were poisoned...I declare to my nephew,Guido Spada, my sole heir, that I have bu...ried in a placehe knows and has visited with me, that is, in...the caves ofthe small Island of Monte Cristo all I poss...ssed ofingots, gold, money, jewels, diamonds, gems; that Ialone...know of the existence of this treasure, which mayamount to nearly two mil...lions of Roman crowns, and whichhe will find on raising the twentieth ro...ck from the smallcreek to the east in a right line. Two open...ings have beenmade in these caves; the treasure is in the furthesta...ngle in the second; which treasure I bequeath and leaveen...tire to him as my sole heir."25th April, 1498."Caes...ar Spada."

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      "And what is your deduction from this compensation, sir?"inquired Monte Cristo.