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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "May I depend on it?"
2.  "Albert, had you been a stranger, a foreigner, a simplelord, like that Englishman who came to demand satisfactionthree or four months since, and whom I killed to get rid of,I should not have taken this trouble; but I thought thismark of consideration due to you. I took a week to go,another to return, four days of quarantine, and forty-eighthours to stay there; that makes three weeks. I returned lastnight, and here I am."
3.  "Of the evil you have done," said the voice.
4.  "You will then obtain the Golden Fleece, if you are still inthe ministry."
5.  "Of course," said he; "of what else should I speak?"
6.  "That is impossible," replied the governor. "The chaplain ofthe chateau came to me yesterday to beg for leave ofabsence, in order to take a trip to Hyeres for a week. Itold him I would attend to the prisoners in his absence. Ifthe poor abbe had not been in such a hurry, he might havehad his requiem."


1.  Monte Cristo returned to his bedroom, and, glancing rapidlyfrom the garden to the street, he saw first Caderousse, whoafter walking to the end of the garden, fixed his ladderagainst the wall at a different part from where he came in.The count then looking over into the street, saw the man whoappeared to be waiting run in the same direction, and placehimself against the angle of the wall where Caderousse wouldcome over. Caderousse climbed the ladder slowly, and lookedover the coping to see if the street was quiet. No one couldbe seen or heard. The clock of the Invalides struck one.Then Caderousse sat astride the coping, and drawing up hisladder passed it over the wall; then he began to descend, orrather to slide down by the two stanchions, which he didwith an ease which proved how accustomed he was to theexercise. But, once started, he could not stop. In vain didhe see a man start from the shadow when he was halfway down-- in vain did he see an arm raised as he touched theground. Before he could defend himself that arm struck himso violently in the back that he let go the ladder, crying,"Help!" A second blow struck him almost immediately in theside, and he fell, calling, "Help, murder!" Then, as herolled on the ground, his adversary seized him by the hair,and struck him a third blow in the chest. This timeCaderousse endeavored to call again, but he could only uttera groan, and he shuddered as the blood flowed from his threewounds. The assassin, finding that he no longer cried out,lifted his head up by the hair; his eyes were closed, andthe mouth was distorted. The murderer, supposing him dead,let fall his head and disappeared. Then Caderousse, feelingthat he was leaving him, raised himself on his elbow, andwith a dying voice cried with great effort, "Murder! I amdying! Help, reverend sir, -- help!"
2.  "I shall be gone only a few moments."
3.  "Then the police have vainly tried to lay hands on him?"
4.  "You are wrong; you should always strive to see clearlyaround you. You seem a worthy young man; I will depart fromthe strict line of my duty to aid you in discovering theauthor of this accusation. Here is the paper; do you knowthe writing?" As he spoke, Villefort drew the letter fromhis pocket, and presented it to Dantes. Dantes read it. Acloud passed over his brow as he said, --
5.  "Yes, it is very soon," said the doctor, looking at thecorpse before him; "but that ought not to astonish you;Monsieur and Madame de Saint-Meran died as soon. People dievery suddenly in your house, M. de Villefort."
6.  "Wait, sir, wait," said Louis XVIII. "Really, M. de Blacas,I must change your armorial bearings; I will give you aneagle with outstretched wings, holding in its claws a preywhich tries in vain to escape, and bearing this device --Tenax."


1.  "Pray to the Almighty to spare his life, and I will takeupon myself to promote his happiness."
2.  "Do you intend devoting it to charitable purposes, then?"pursued the notary.
3.  "He abdicated at Fontainebleau in 1814, and was sent to theIsland of Elba. But how long have you been here that you areignorant of all this?"
4.  "Very well, only do not give me false information as you didthe other day."
5.   "`Yes, it is very annoying,' said Vampa; `but we have notseen him.'
6.  "In favor of some member of your family?"


1.  "Now, then, do you wish for anything else?" said the patron.
2.  "Simply the fact that the idea never occurred to me,"answered Dantes.
3.  "How curious! -- what is his name?"
4、  "But, excellency" -- said Pastrini, still striving to gainhis point.
5、  "If he says true," said the captain doubtingly. "But in hispresent condition he will promise anything, and take hischance of keeping it afterwards."




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      "To me?" cried Danglars.

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      Valentine seized the count's hand, and in her irresistibleimpulse of joy carried it to her lips.

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       The count stopped. "Well?" asked the young girl, with anauthoritative tone the count had never observed before, andwhich startled him. "Well, if any misfortune happen to me,"replied Monte Cristo, "I wish my daughter to be happy."Haidee smiled sorrowfully, and shook her head. "Do you thinkof dying, my lord?" said she.

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      "Ah, is it you, baron?" said he.

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    {  "Do you not know their history?"

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      "No," he murmured, "none of my enemies would have waited sopatiently and laboriously for so long a space of time, thatthey might now come and crush me with this secret.Sometimes, as Hamlet says --}

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      "Still that idea of death, madame," said Villefort.

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      "One of the most agreeable possible, my dear sir; he willallow you an income of 50,000 livres per annum during thewhole time of your stay in Paris."

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       "Unless you are blind, or have never been outside theharbor, you must know."

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    {  been presented to her when I met her at Madame Villefort'sball."

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      "I, too," said the young man, "am a musician -- at least, mymasters used to tell me so; but it is strange that my voicenever would suit any other, and a soprano less than any."Danglars smiled, and seemed to say, "It is of noconsequence." Then, hoping doubtless to effect his purpose,he said, -- "The prince and my daughter were universallyadmired yesterday. You were not of the party, M. deMorcerf?"