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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Albert opened the letter with fear, uttered a shriek onreading the first line, and seized the paper. His sight wasdimmed, his legs sank under him, and he would have fallenhad not Florentin supported him.
2.  "Dear Albert," said Beauchamp. But this sudden andfactitious joy soon forsook the young man, and was succeededby a still greater grief.
3.  Fernand made no reply, nor did he attempt to check the tearswhich flowed down the cheeks of Mercedes, although for eachof these tears he would have shed his heart's blood; butthese tears flowed for another. He arose, paced a while upand down the hut, and then, suddenly stopping beforeMercedes, with his eyes glowing and his hands clinched, --"Say, Mercedes," he said, "once for all, is this your finaldetermination?"
4.  "I do."
5.  "For how much?"
6.  "My dear M. Debray," said the banker, "do not kill yourselfto-night listening to the follies of Madame Danglars, foryou can hear them as well to-morrow; but I claim to-nightand will devote it, if you will allow me, to talk over someserious matters with my wife." This time the blow was sowell aimed, and hit so directly, that Lucien and thebaroness were staggered, and they interrogated each otherwith their eyes, as if to seek help against this aggression,but the irresistible will of the master of the houseprevailed, and the husband was victorious.


1.  "Not so," replied Danglars; "your advice is wrong, so Ishall not follow it. My money boxes are my Pactolus, as, Ithink, M. Demoustier says, and I will not retard its course,or disturb its calm. My clerks are honest men, who earn myfortune, whom I pay much below their deserts, if I may valuethem according to what they bring in; therefore I shall notget into a passion with them; those with whom I will be in apassion are those who eat my dinners, mount my horses, andexhaust my fortune."
2.  According to the arrangements, the carriage was waiting atthe door. The guide held the door open. Guides are usefulpeople, who will turn their hands to anything. Danglarsleaped into the carriage like a young man of twenty. Thecicerone reclosed the door, and sprang up by the side of thecoachman. Peppino mounted the seat behind.
3.  "I have just had the pleasure," replied the count; "but Ihave not seen your father."
4.  "What do you advise?" said Valentine, raising her eyes toheaven and sighing. "I am free," replied Maximilian, "andrich enough to support you. I swear to make you my lawfulwife before my lips even shall have approached yourforehead."
5.  "But who was the man who brought him from Lucca?"
6.  "What is the matter, then, with this dear child? she hasjust left me, and she complained of being indisposed, but Idid not think seriously of it." The young woman with tearsin her eyes and every mark of affection of a true mother,approached Valentine and took her hand. D'Avrigny continuedto look at Noirtier; he saw the eyes of the old man dilateand become round, his cheeks turn pale and tremble; theperspiration stood in drops upon his forehead. "Ah," saidhe, involuntarily following Noirtier's eyes, which werefixed on Madame de Villefort, who repeated, -- "This poorchild would be better in bed. Come, Fanny, we will put herto bed." M. d'Avrigny, who saw that would be a means of hisremaining alone with Noirtier, expressed his opinion that itwas the best thing that could be done; but he forbade thatanything should be given to her except what he ordered.


1.  Gaetano, who had proposed the expedition, had taken all theresponsibility on himself; the four sailors fixed their eyeson him, while they got out their oars and held themselves inreadiness to row away, which, thanks to the darkness, wouldnot be difficult. As for Franz, he examined his arms withthe utmost coolness; he had two double-barrelled guns and arifle; he loaded them, looked at the priming, and waitedquietly. During this time the captain had thrown off hisvest and shirt, and secured his trousers round his waist;his feet were naked, so he had no shoes and stockings totake off; after these preparations he placed his finger onhis lips, and lowering himself noiselessly into the sea,swam towards the shore with such precaution that it wasimpossible to hear the slightest sound; he could only betraced by the phosphorescent line in his wake. This tracksoon disappeared; it was evident that he had touched theshore. Every one on board remained motionless for half anhour, when the same luminous track was again observed, andthe swimmer was soon on board. "Well?" exclaimed Franz andthe sailors in unison.
2.  "No; it was he who introduced himself to us."
3.  "He is alone?"
4.  "If I guess rightly, will you confess it?"
5.   "Yes, count," returned the notary.
6.  "Yes, since you have known me," said Morrel, smiling; "butthat cannot apply to the time previous to our acquaintance,Valentine."


1.  "I never heard it."
2.  "With being an agent of the Bonapartist faction!" Many ofour readers may be able to recollect how formidable such anaccusation became in the period at which our story is dated.
3.  As Edmond paused, the black and bearded head of Caderousseappeared at the door. He was a man of twenty-five or six,and held a piece of cloth, which, being a tailor, he wasabout to make into a coat-lining.
4、  "Ah," responded Sinbad, laughing with his singular laughwhich displayed his white and sharp teeth. "You have notguessed rightly. Such as you see me I am, a sort ofphilosopher, and one day perhaps I shall go to Paris torival Monsieur Appert, and the little man in the bluecloak."
5、  "In some parts of France -- yes, excellency."




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      "Well, your Eternal City is a nice sort of place."

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      "How can I?"

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      "Take all needful precautions," replied the inspector.

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    {  "Still, you have thought of it?"

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      "Gentlemen," said Morrel, reading all that passed throughthe minds of the witnesses to the scene, "I know what I amsaying, and you know as well as I do what I am about to say-- Valentine has been assassinated!" Villefort hung hishead, d'Avrigny approached nearer, and Noirtier said "Yes"with his eyes. "Now, sir," continued Morrel, "in these daysno one can disappear by violent means without some inquiriesbeing made as to the cause of her disappearance, even wereshe not a young, beautiful, and adorable creature likeValentine. Mr. Procureur," said Morrel with increasingvehemence, "no mercy is allowed; I denounce the crime; it isyour place to seek the assassin." The young man's implacableeyes interrogated Villefort, who, on his side, glanced fromNoirtier to d'Avrigny. But instead of finding sympathy inthe eyes of the doctor and his father, he only saw anexpression as inflexible as that of Maximilian. "Yes,"indicated the old man.}

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      "Oh, dear mother, it was a dream."

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      "Now, then," said Villefort, placing the letter in hispocketbook, "I must have another!"

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       "`Well,' said Cucumetto, `have you executed yourcommission?'

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    {  "You could not apply to any one better able to inform you onall these points, for I knew him when he was a child, andone day that I fell into his hands, going from Ferentino toAlatri, he, fortunately for me, recollected me, and set mefree, not only without ransom, but made me a present of avery splendid watch, and related his history to me."

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      "Yes, sire."