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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  D'Artagnan, who for an hour past had been gnawing his nails withimpatience, was beginning to attack the quick.
2.  "That which I have to say of her can only be heard by yourself, myLord!"
3.  "You may, madame," said he, with emphasis. "My arm and mylife belong to you, like my love."
4.  "Speak, monsieur."
5.  Without waiting for the permission of his host, D'Artagnan wentquickly into the house, and cast a rapid glance at the bed. Ithad not been used. Bonacieux had not been abed. He had onlybeen back an hour or two; he had accompanied his wife to theplace of her confinement, or else at least to the first relay."Thanks, Monsieur Bonacieux," said D'Artagnan, emptying hisglass, "that is all I wanted of you. I will now go up into myapartment. I will make Planchet brush my boots; and when he hasdone, I will, if you like, send him to you to brush your shoes."He left the mercer quite astonished at his singular farewell, andasking himself if he had not been a little inconsiderate.At the top of the stairs he found Planchet in a great fright."Ah, monsieur!" cried Planchet, as soon as he perceived hismaster, "here is more trouble. I thought you would never comein."
6.  Lord de Winter, on quitting D'Artagnan, gave him hissister's address. She lived in the Place Royale--then thefashionable quarter--at Number 6, and he undertook to calland take D'Artagnan with him in order to introduce him.D'Artagnan appointed eight o'clock at Athos's residence.This introduction to Milady Clarik occupied the head of ourGascon greatly. He remembered in what a strange manner thiswoman had hitherto been mixed up in his destiny. Accordingto his conviction, she was some creature of the cardinal,and yet he felt himself invincibly drawn toward her by oneof those sentiments for which we cannot account. His onlyfear was that Milady would recognize in him the man of Meungand of Dover. Then she knew that he was one of the friendsof M. de Treville, and consequently, that he belonged bodyand soul to the king; which would make him lose a part ofhis advantage, since when known to Milady as he knew her, heplayed only an equal game with her. As to the commencementof an intrigue between her and M. de Wardes, ourpresumptuous hero gave but little heed to that, although themarquis was young, handsome, rich, and high in thecardinal's favor. It is not for nothing we are but twenty years old, above all if we were born at Tarbes.D'Artagnan began by making his most splendid toilet, thenreturned to Athos's, and according to custom, relatedeverything to him. Athos listened to his projects, thenshook his head, and recommended prudence to him with a shadeof bitterness.


1.  "Ah, madame," said Porthos, in the most melancholy tone he couldassume, "when we are about to enter upon a campaign--a campaign,in which my presentiments tell me I shall be killed--""Oh, don't talk of such things!" cried the procurator's wife,bursting into tears.
2.  "Rather say that you have a new love."
3.  "Only grazed a little," replied D'Artagnan; "my fingers werecaught between two stones--that of the wall and that of myring--and the skin was broken."
4.  She turned toward the wall to smile--for there was in this smilesuch an expression of triumph that this smile alone would havebetrayed her.
5.  D'Artagnan immediately placed the point of his sword at histhroat.
6.  D'Artagnan blushed.


1.  In one hour after, the ordinance was published in London that novessel bound for France should leave port, not even the packetboat with letters. In the eyes of everybody this was adeclaration of war between the two kingdoms.
2.  The young men sprang up, and seized their muskets.This time a small troop advanced, consisting of from twentyto twenty-five men; but they were not pioneers, they weresoldiers of the garrison.
3.  Then only D'Artagnan remembered the languishing glances ofKitty, her constantly meeting him in the antechamber, thecorridor, or on the stairs, those touches of the hand everytime she met him, and her deep sighs; but absorbed by hisdesire to please the great lady, he had disdained thesoubrette. He whose game is the eagle takes no heed of thesparrow.
4.  "I should do her justice by sending her to Tyburn," said Buckingham."This lady is infamous."
5.   D'Artagnan threw down a yet-smoking pistol which he held in his hand,and fell on his knees before his mistress. Athos replaced his in hisbelt; Porthos and Aramis, who held their drawn swords in their hands,returned them to their scabbards.
6.  To death we can aspire."


1.  "A tigress, a panther! Ah, my dear Athos, I am greatlyafraid I have drawn a terrible vengeance on both of us!"D'Artagnan then related all--the mad passion of Milady andher menaces of death.
2.  "You may."
3.  Without listening the least in the world to the lamentations ofM. Bonacieux--lamentations to which, besides, they must have beenpretty well accustomed--the two guards took the prisoner each byan arm, and led him away, while the commissary wrote a letter inhaste and dispatched it by an officer in waiting.Bonacieux could not close his eyes; not because his dungeon wasso very disagreeable, but because his uneasiness was so great.He sat all night on his stool, starting at the least noise; andwhen the first rays of the sun penetrated into his chamber, thedawn itself appeared to him to have taken funereal tints.All at once he heard his bolts drawn, and made a terrified bound.He believed they were come to conduct him to the scaffold; sothat when he saw merely and simply, instead of the executioner heexpected, only his commissary of the preceding evening, attendedby his clerk, he was ready to embrace them both.
4、  "What connection can the New World have with the bottles whichare on the commode and the wardrobe?"
5、  "From Monsieur Laporte."




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      D'Artagnan looked at Athos to know if he ought to reply tothis intruder who thus mixed unmasked in their conversation."Well," said Athos, "don't you hear Monsieur de Busigny, whodoes you the honor to ask you a question? Relate what haspassed during the night, since these gentlemen desire toknow it."

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      "Why, good God! you will be deceived just the same," saidAthos, who was an optimist when things were concerned, and apessimist when men were in question. "They will promiseeverything for the sake of the money, and on the road fearwill prevent them from acting. Once taken, they will bepressed; when pressed, they will confess everything. Whatthe devil! we are not children. To reach England"--Athoslowered his voice--"all France, covered with spies andcreatures of the cardinal, must be crossed. A passport forembarkation must be obtained; and the party must beacquainted with English in order to ask the way to London.Really, I think the thing very difficult."

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       "Did you never see him?"

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      "Well?" demanded D'Artagnan.

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    {  "Quite certain?" said Milady, with a last doubt.

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      "Till then, God preserve your Majesty!"}

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      "Tell him further that I hold Montague in my power; thatMontague is in the Bastille; that no letters were found uponhim, it is true, but that torture may make him tell much ofwhat he knows, and even what he does not know."

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      The cardinal, after having read these two lines, sank into a profoundreverie; but he did not return the paper to D'Artagnan."He is meditating by what sort of punishment he shall cause me to die,"said the Gascon to himself. "Well, my faith! he shall see how agentleman can die."

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       "Word of honor?"

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    {  "Ah! If I were not in such haste, and if I were not runningafter someone," said D'Artagnan.

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      There only his memory returned to him. He shook his head,perceived the cabaret at which he had left Aramis, and puttinghis horse to the trot, he shortly pulled up at the door.This time is was not a host but a hostess who received him.D'Artagnan was a physiognomist. His eye took in at a glance theplump, cheerful countenance of the mistress of the place, and heat once perceived there was no occasion for dissembling with her,or of fearing anything from one blessed with such a joyousphysiognomy.