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 The more powerful the passions and the more uncontained the ambitions, the more likely the democratic system will collapse into despotism.

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  Interestingly, a survey found Beijing was thought to be the most congested city in China, among 31.8 percent of respondents, followed by Zhengzhou at 8.8 percent.

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 Jobs for workers with branding skills were also on the rise during the third quarter of 2016, most likely thanks to “small businesses’ need to create cohesive and consistent strategies for their companies online,” according to the report.

  The Microsoft founder's net worth is billion, up from billion last year.

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 The mother-to-child transmission rate also reached its historically low point last year, dropping from 7.1 percent in 2012 to 4.9 percent in 2017, Wang said.


<《边桥谜案》(The Bridge),Hulu,周五播出。这部丹麦、瑞典合拍的犯罪剧即将迎来第二季(FX的同名剧集就是根据它改编的,最近刚刚被砍掉),新的一季仍与连接两个乡村的奥莱桑德桥有关。 China does not want to see a trade war between the US and China. That would not make our trade fairer and cause loss for the both sides.

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<*最佳真人秀主持:鲁保罗?查尔斯(RuPaul Charles),《鲁保罗变装皇后秀》(RuPaul’s Drag Race, Logo) Actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Lady Gaga have led the winners at this year's Golden Globe awards.

  "Why do the slaves all dress in white and look like fairies in this drama? Plus they even ran faster than horses. Is it reasonable?" user Shiweitian said.





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