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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "You will find that it is as good as another."
2.  And Athos went out of the Parpaillot, followed byD'Artagnan. Aramis came behind, giving his arm to Porthos.Aramis mumbled verses to himself, and Porthos from time totime pulled a hair or two from his mustache, in sign ofdespair.
3.  These thoughts, gilded as they were by a last reflection of love,were not the less sad. Anne of Austria, deprived of theconfidence of her husband, pursued by the hatred of the cardinal,who could not pardon her for having repulsed a more tenderfeeling, having before her eyes the example of the queen-motherwhom that hatred had tormented all her life--though Marie deMedicis, if the memoirs of the time are to be believed, had begunby according to the cardinal that sentiment which Anne of Austriaalways refused him--Anne of Austria had seen her most devotedservants fall around her, her most intimate confidants, herdearest favorites. Like those unfortunate persons endowed with afatal gift, she brought misfortune upon everything she touched.Her friendship was a fatal sign which called down persecution.Mme. de Chevreuse and Mme. de Bernet were exiled, and Laporte didnot conceal from his mistress that he expected to be arrestedevery instant.
4.  Athos pointed to the bastion.
5.  "I do not jest," said Athos.
6.  That was the very evening when the abduction of Mme.Bonacieux took place. D'Artagnan trembled; and he likewiserecollected that during the past half hour the poor womanhad passed close to him, without doubt carried away by thesame power that had caused her disappearance.


1.  All at once he started. His eyes became fixed upon a point of the sea,commanded by the terrace where he was. With the eagle glance of asailor he had recognized there, where another would have seen only agull hovering over the waves, the sail of a sloop which was directedtoward the cost of France.
2.  "Sign, my Lord!"
3.  "Well, monseigneur?"
4.  "Well, and what are you going to do at St. Germain?" thendemanded Athos.
5.  "Very well."
6.  "One of your boarders?" said Milady; "oh, my God! Poor woman! I pityher, then."


1.  "Wait a minute, then," said Aramis.
2.  "Can we have destroyed them all, from the first to thelast?" said Athos.
3.  "From Monsieur Laporte."
4.  "Write that name on a bit of paper, lest I should forget it. There isnothing compromising in the name of a town. Is it not so?""Eh, who knows? Never mind," said Milady, writing the name on half asheet of paper; "I will compromise myself."
5.   "Sign, my Lord!"
6.  "Three of the king's Musketeers. Do you know Monsieur deTreville, their captain?"


1.  "Hear the end. Ten parts of a hundred pistoles each, in tenthrows, without revenge; in thirteen throws I had lost all--inthirteen throws. The number thirteen was always fatal to me; itwas on the thirteenth of July that--"
2.  "Planchet," said D'Artagnan, "I commit the corpse of thispoor devil to your care. Let him be interred in holyground. He committed a crime, it is true; but he repentedof it."
3.  "--since she lodges with him."
4、  "She is called Milady, but she may be French. Lord deWinter is only her brother-in-law,"
5、  In the meanwhile the promises of M. de Treville went onprosperously. One fine morning the king commanded M. deChevalier Dessessart to admit D'Artagnan as a cadet in hiscompany of Guards. D'Artagnan, with a sigh, donned his uniform,which he would have exchanged for that of a Musketeer at theexpense of ten years of his existence. But M. de Trevillepromised this favor after a novitiate of two years--a novitiatewhich might besides be abridged if an opportunity should presentitself for D'Artagnan to render the king any signal service, orto distinguish himself by some brilliant action. Upon thispromise D'Artagnan withdrew, and the next day he began service.Then it became the turn of Athos, Porthos, and Aramis to mountguard with D'Artagnan when he was on duty. The company of M. leChevalier Dessessart thus received four instead of one when itadmitted D'Artagnan.




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      "That head has never conspired," murmured he, "but it mattersnot; we will see."

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      "What orders?" asked Milady.

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       "If it were one of your friends you would hesitate, then?"cried Milady; and a threatening glance darted from her eyes."Not if it were my own brother!" cried D'Artagnan, as ifcarried away by his enthusiasm.

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      "To his Eminence Monseigneur the Cardinal Richelieu, in his camp beforeLa Rochelle.

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    {  "In the first place," said Milady, "it is possible I may be deceived,and that D'Artagnan and his friends may really come to your assistance.""Oh, that would be too much!" cried Mme. Bonacieux, "so much happinessis not in store for me!"

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      "This is my story, then. Besides, the Scriptures say, 'Confessyourselves to one another,' and I confess to you, D'Artagnan.""And I give you absolution beforehand. You see I am a good sortof a man."}

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      The host had not quite so good a bargain as he at firsthoped for, but he made amends by slipping in two bottles ofAnjou wine instead of two bottles of champagne.

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      At the end of an instant they heard a furious fusillade."What's that?" asked Porthos, "what are they firing at now?I hear no balls whistle, and I see nobody!"

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       "No, God forbid," said the cardinal; "only, at what hour was he with you?""Oh, as to that I can speak positively, your Eminence; for as hecame in I remarked that it was but half past nine by the clock,although I had believed it to be later."

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    {  "Courage, courage! remember that in a quarter of an hour you will besafe; and think that what you are about to do is for HIS sake.""Yes, yes, everything for him. You have restored my courage by a singleword; go, I will rejoin you."

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      "In that case, my brave lieutenant, let us leave Milady to findout something else, and go to supper; but be easy! She has afruitful imagination, and the second act of the comedy will notdelay its steps after the first."